Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Finance Leasing Act (No. 56 of 2000)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short Title and date of operation  
   2.	   Finance leasing business to be carried  on a certificate of registration  
   3.	   Qualifications for registration  
   4.	   Section - 4  
   5.	   Certificate of   Registration  
   6.	   Annual  registration fee  
   7.	   Operating manual  
   8.	   Alteration of certain documents only with approval  
   9.	   Cancellation or suspension of registration  
   10.	   Procedure for suspension or cancellation  of a registration  
   11.	   Rights to undisturbed possession  
   12.	   Use of equipment  
   13.	   Non-delivery, late delivery and non-conformity of equipment  
   14.	   Lessee's acceptance of equipment  
   15.	   Return of equipment  
   16.	   Termination or  variation of conditions of a supply agreement  
   17.	   Supply Agreement  
   18.	   Supplier's obligations to a lessee  
   19.	   Non- liability of lessor for loss in relation to equipment  
   20.	   Default by lessees  
   21.	   Accelerated  payments or termination with notice to lessee  
   22.	   Computation of damages  
   23.	   Due diligence of the lessor  
   24.	   Transfer  or assignment of lessor's right  
   25.	   Transfer of lessee's right in the equipment  
   26.	   Lessee's trustees in bankruptcy or creditors  
   27.	   Recovery of possession if resistance is not offered  
   28.	   Recovery  of possession through court  
   29.	   Recovery of monies due under the finance lease  
   30.	   Savings of other remedies  
   31.	   Non-applicability of certain provisions of this Part  
   32.	   Effect of carrying on finance leasing business without registration  
   33.	   Powers of examination of registered establishment  
   34.	   Power to issue directions  
   35.	   Regulations  
   36.	   Protection from suit  
   37.	   Non-disclosure of information  
   38.	   A registered establishment deemed to be a lending institution  
   39.	   Offences  
   40.	   Wilful act or omission in relation to records and books  
   41.	   Penalty for offence  
   42.	   Compounding  of offences  
   43.	   Interpretation  
   44.	   Persons engaged in finance leasing business on the appointed date  
   45.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  

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