Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Fair Trading Commission Act (No. 1 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Fair Trading Commission  
   3.	   The Commission to be a body corporate  
   4.	   Members of the Commission  
   5.	   function of the commission  
   6.	   Matters to which the Commission shall give special regard  
   7.	   Power to require maintenance to records and the furnishing of returns  
   8.	   Power of Commission to call for information  
   9.	   Power of Commission to authorize any officer to enter and inspect premises  
   10.	   Power to hold inquiries and investigations  
   11.	   Commission to carry out investigations  
   12.	   Monopoly situation  
   13.	   Merger situation  
   14.	   Anti-competitive practice  
   15.	   Order to be made by commission upon the conclusion of an investigation  
   16.	   Publication of order under section 15  
   17.	   Appeals  
   18.	   Controller of Prices may request Commission to fix the prices, or to set out the price structure of certain articles  
   19.	   Relevant agency may request Commission to vary the prices fixed by Order for an article  
   20.	   Procedure and Powers of Commission on receipt of a request under section 18 or section 19  
   21.	   Time limit within which powers and duties under section 20 are to be exercised and discharged  
   22.	   Power of Minister to rescind or vary an Order made under section 20  
   23.	   Obligatory reference in the case of variation of price or charge of prescribed articles or prescribed services  
   24.	   Advisory reference  
   25.	   Commission to review question relating to prices of article &c  
   26.	   Publication of a report made under this Act  
   27.	   Secretary General to the Commission  
   28.	   Appointment of officers servants and advisers to the Commission  
   29.	   Appointment of public officers to the staff of the Commission  
   30.	   Fund of Commission  
   31.	   Financial year and the audit of accounts  
   32.	   Provisions of this Act not to apply in relation to certain enterprises  
   33.	   Complaints under section 11 and requests under sections 18 and 19 to be in form determined by commission  
   34.	   Protection for action taken under this Act  
   35.	   Members, Officers and servants of the Commission deemed to be public servants  
   36.	   Commission deemed to be a Schedule Institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act  
   37.	   Offences and Penalties  
   38.	   Regulations  
   39.	   Repeal and savings  
   40.	   Amendment of the Consumer Protection Act, No. 1 of 1979  
   41.	   Interpretation  

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