Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Financial Transactions Reporting (No. 6 of 2006)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Identification essential to conduct of business of Institution  
   3.	   Procedure if identity is not satisfactorily established  
   4.	   Institutions to maintain and retain records  
   5.	   Institutions to conduct ongoing due diligence and scrutiny of customers  
   6.	   Institution to report financial transactions  
   7.	   Duty to disclose information relating to property of terrorist groups or property used for commission of offence under this Act  
   8.	   Disclosure to Financial Intelligence Unit  
   9.	   Duty not to divulge information  
   10.	   When disclosure of information is permitted  
   11.	   Disclosure not to be prevented  
   12.	   Protection of persons reporting suspicious transactions  
   13.	   Privileged Communication  
   14.	   Appointment of Compliance Officer  
   15.	   Functions of the Financial Intelligence Unit  
   16.	   Disclosure to foreign institutions and agencies  
   17.	   Agreements and arrangements by the Financial Intelligence Unit  
   18.	   Power of Unit to examine books, records &c,  
   19.	   Imposition of penalty to enforce compliance  
   20.	   Non-disclosure of information in certain case  
   21.	   Protection from liability  
   22.	   Functions of supervisory authority or auditor under this Act  
   23.	   Supervisory authority to ensure compliance by all Institutions  
   24.	   Currency reporting at border  
   25.	   Seizure or detention of cash &c,  
   26.	   Procedure on seizure of cash &c,  
   27.	   Offences  
   28.	   Giving false information an offence  
   29.	   Regulations  
   30.	   Application of Act  
   31.	   Institutions have duty to comply with the provisions of this Act  
   32.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  
   33.	   Interpretation  

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