Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Goods And Services Tax Act (No. 34 of 1996)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Imposition of Goods and Services Tax  
   3.	   Tax on Whole-sale and retail supplies  
   4.	   Time of supply  
   5.	   Value of supply of goods or services  
   6.	   Value of importation of goods  
   7.	   Zero rating  
   8.	   Exemption  
   9.	   Goods or services supplied in Sri Lanka  
   10.	   Persons making supplies in the course of taxable activity to registered  
   11.	   Importers of goods to notify Commissioner General  
   12.	   Voluntary registration  
   13.	   Registered person  
   14.	   Information to be given to Commissioner-General  
   15.	   Certificate of registration  
   16.	   Cancellation of registration  
   17.	   Registered person to return certificate on cancellation  
   18.	   Liability not affected by cancellation of registration  
   19.	   Registered person to notify certain changes  
   20.	   Tax invoice  
   21.	   Returns and information to be furnished  
   22.	   Credits for input tax against output tax  
   23.	   Accounting basis  
   24.	   Bad debts  
   25.	   Adjustment of tax by credit or debit notes  
   26.	   Payment of tax  
   27.	   Penalty for default  
   28.	   Power of Assessor to make assessment  
   29.	   Assessor to state why he is not accepting a return  
   30.	   Power of Assessor to determine open market value  
   31.	   Additional assessment  
   32.	   Evidence of returns and assessments  
   33.	   Limitation of time for assessment of additional assessment  
   34.	   Appeals to the Commissioner-General  
   35.	   Appeals to the Road Review  
   36.	   Appeal on a question of law to Court of Appeal  
   37.	   Assessments or amended assessments to be final  
   38.	   Penalty for incorrect returns  
   39.	   Recovery of tax  
   40.	   Tax to be a first charge  
   41.	   Notice to defaulter  
   42.	   Recovery of tax by seizure and sale  
   43.	   Proceedings for recovery before a Magistrate  
   44.	   Recovery of tax out of debts  
   45.	   Recovery of tax from persons leaving Sri Lanka  
   46.	   Use of more than one means of recovery  
   47.	   Power of Commissioner-General to obtain information for the recovery of tax  
   48.	   Recovery of tax from the principal officer and others  
   49.	   Delegation of Commissioner-General's powers and functions  
   50.	   Who may act for incapacitated persons  
   51.	   Precedant partner to act on behalf of partnership  
   52.	   Principal officer to act on behalf of a company or body of persons  
   53.	   Liability to pay tax in the case of cessation of taxable activity  
   54.	   Liability of executor to pay tax  
   55.	   Liability of certain persons to pay tax in respect of taxable activity not be longing to them  
   56.	   Joint agents trustees and executors  
   57.	   Persons liable to pay tax upon liquidation of a company or dissolution of a body of persons  
   58.	   Refund of excess tax  
   59.	   Interest on refunds  
   60.	   Deduction of tax from payments  
   61.	   Signature and service of notices  
   62.	   Validity of assessments  
   63.	   Power to search buildings or places  
   64.	   Power to search where taxable activity is carried on, or carried out  
   65.	   Keeping of records  
   66.	   Penal provisions relating to breach of secrecy & c  
   67.	   Penal provisions relating to fraud  
   68.	   Penal provisions relating to returns & c  
   69.	   Prosecution to be with the sanction of the Commissioner-General  
   70.	   Compounding of offence  
   71.	   Officers  
   72.	   Official secrecy  
   73.	   Forms  
   74.	   Regulations  
   75.	   Transitional provisions  
   76.	   Interpretation  
   77.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  

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