Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Government Officers' Benefit Association (Incorporation) Act (No. 27 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Incorporation of the Government Officers' Benefit Association  
   3.	   Objects of the Corporation  
   4.	   Affairs of the Corporation to be administered by a Committee of Management  
   5.	   Powers of Committee of Management  
   6.	   Register of members  
   7.	   Books of accounts  
   8.	   General meetings  
   9.	   Annual general meeting  
   10.	   Power to make rules  
   11.	   Secretary and Accountant  
   12.	   Property vested in Corporation  
   13.	   Debts due by, and payable to, the Association  
   14.	   Corporation may hold property, movable and immovable  
   15.	   Restriction on sale, etc., of land  
   16.	   Seal of the Corporation how affixed  
   17.	   Funds of the Corporation how to be kept and invested  
   18.	   Borrowing powers  
   19.	   Doubt or ambiguity how decided  
   20.	   Saving of the rights of the Crown  

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