Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Holidays Act (No. 29 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Declaration regarding Full Moon Poya Days and Sundays  
   3.	   Additional public and bank holidays  
   4.	   Minister may amend Schedules to this Act  
   5.	   Public holidays to be dies non and to be kept as holidays  
   6.	   Persons not to be compelled to do certain acts on bank holidays  
   7.	   Minister to make provision for special circumstances  
   8.	   Declaration of Full Moon Poya Days  
   9.	   Power to make regulations  
   10.	   Power of Minister to declare special public holidays  
   11.	   Power of Minister to declare special bank holidays  
   12.	   Repeal of Holidays Act, No. 17 of 1965  
   13.	   Closure of certain establishments on Full Moon Poya Days  
   14.	   Prohibition of slaughter of animals  
   15.	   Permission of certain public performances  
   16.	   Regulations  
   17.	   Offences  
   18.	   Interpretation  
   19.	   Section - 19  
   20.	   Section - 20  

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