Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Interim Devaluation Allowance of Employees Act (No. 40 of 1968)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Competent authority  
   3.	   This Act to have force and effect notwithstanding anything in any other written law, & c  
   4.	   Interim devaluation allowance  
   5.	   Payment due under section 4 to constitute part of an employee's wages  
   6.	   Power of entry and inspection  
   7.	   Power of competent authority to call for returns  
   8.	   Special provisions regarding payments under section 4  
   9.	   Special provisions regarding continuation of employment  
   10.	   Failure to pay sums due under section 4 or failure to comply with section 9  
   11.	   Offences  
   12.	   Liability of employer's agent  
   13.	   Court of trial for offences  
   14.	   Interpretation  

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