Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Income Tax Evasion And Nondisclosure Of Profits And Income Act (No. 13 of 1964)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Application of Act  
   3.	   Power of persons to whom this Act applies to make declarations on or before December 31, 1964, of accumulated profits and income or articles of value acquired by such profits and income  
   4.	   Power of Commissioner to require persons making declarations to surrender all or any part of the property specified in the declarations  
   5.	   Power to levy a tax equal to one-third the value of the property specified in declarations  
   6.	   Provisions relating to resumption of possession of property surrendered  
   7.	   Indemnification of persons who pay tax against liability to prosecutions and to pay income tax  
   8.	   Sale of articles of value appropriated by Commissioner in lieu of payment of tax  
   9.	   Payment to Consolidated Fund of Ceylon of amounts paid or deemed to have been paid by way of tax  
   10.	   The preceding provisions of this Act not to be construed as authorizing the revision of any assessment previously made. Cap. 242  
   11.	   Interpretation  

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