Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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International Winged Bean (Dambala) Institute Act (No. 7 of 1982)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the International Winged Bean (Dambala) Institute  
   3.	   Principal office of the Institute  
   4.	   Objects of the Institute  
   5.	   Board of Directors of the Institute  
   6.	   The First Board of Directors of the Institute  
   7.	   Appointment of additional members  
   8.	   Appointment of subsequent Boards  
   9.	   Eligibility for reappointment as member of the board  
   10.	   Remuneration of members of the Board  
   11.	   The seal of the Institute  
   12.	   Meetings of the Board  
   13.	   Delegation of powers duties and functions of Board  
   14.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Institute  
   15.	   Appointment of the Director-General, Deputy Director-General and other officers of the Institute  
   16.	   Powers of the Board in regard to appointments to the staff of the Institute  
   17.	   Acts or proceedings of the Board deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy or defect in the appointment of a member  
   18.	   Powers, duties and functions of Board  
   19.	   Power of Board to make rules  
   20.	   Power of Board to appoint Committees  
   21.	   Fund of the Institute  
   22.	   Withdrawal and investment) of moneys of the Fund  
   23.	   Institute to be exempt from payment of tax  
   24.	   Financial year of the Institute and audit of accounts  
   25.	   Government to make available premises for use of the Institute  
   26.	   Protection for action taken under this Act or on the direction of the Board  
   27.	   No writ to lie against person or property of members of the Board or an officer of the Institute  
   28.	   Dissolution of the Institute  

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