Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Mines and Minerals Law (No. 4 of 1973)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Ownership of minerals  
   3.	   This Law not to affect certain Acts  
   4.	   Mining &c. to be under the authority of a licence  
   5.	   Application for a licence  
   6.	   Issue of licences  
   7.	   Appeal from refusal to grant licence  
   8.	   Termination of licence  
   9.	   Cancellation of licence  
   10.	   Opportunity to show cause before cancellation of licence  
   11.	   Right of appeal against cancellation  
   12.	   Ownership of minerals on termination or cancellation of licence  
   13.	   Restriction of the Director's powers to Issue licences  
   14.	   Areas in respect of which no licences shall be issued. Cap.188  
   15.	   Administration of this Law  
   16.	   Delegation of Director's powers and ditties  
   17.	   Powers of Director  
   18.	   Recovery of fees  
   19.	   Right of entry into mines  
   20.	   Powers to require production of records  
   21.	   Surveys and prospecting by Director  
   22.	   Surveys or prospecting on lands belonging to the Republic  
   23.	   Special power of Director  
   24.	   Prevention of wasteful mining  
   25.	   Annual inspection of machinery  
   26.	   Appointment of manager  
   27.	   Furnishing of information as to opening of mine  
   28.	   Quarterly returns  
   29.	   Programme on mining operations  
   30.	   Log book and register  
   31.	   Restrictions on the sinking of shafts  
   32.	   Ventilation  
   33.	   Ladders &c  
   34.	   Approved baskets and slings  
   35.	   Timbering, fencing and other precautions  
   36.	   Restrictions on storage of explosive and inflammable substances  
   37.	   Information as to accidental explosions &c  
   38.	   Notice of serious accidents  
   39.	   Satisfactory level of production to be maintained  
   40.	   Suspension of production  
   41.	   Discovery of other minerals  
   42.	   Restriction on employment of females  
   43.	   Restriction on employment of young persons  
   44.	   Hours of work for young persons  
   45.	   Hours of work for adults  
   46.	   Time spent in descent and ascent  
   47.	   Sanitary and medical equipment  
   48.	   Regulation in respect of health, safety and welfare of workers  
   49.	   Provisions of this Law to apply to Corporations established to develop mining industry  
   50.	   Power of Minister by Order to vest in the Corporation exclusive rights to engage in or carry on specified undertaking  
   51.	   Notice of claim or disclaimer in respect, of property required for purposes of the Corporation  
   52.	   Compulsory transfer to the Corporation of certain property  
   53.	   Requisitioning of notified property for the purpose of the Corporation  
   54.	   Compulsory acquisition of requisitioned property  
   55.	   Revocation of vesting Orders  
   56.	   Taking possession of property vested in or requisitioned for the Corporation  
   57.	   Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of property lot and on behalf of Corporation  
   58.	   Compensation in respect of property vested in the Corporation  
   59.	   Compensation in respect of property requisitioned for the Corporation  
   60.	   No compensation for damage or loss incurred by reason of the fact that the exclusive right to engage in or carry on any specified undertaking is vested in the Corporation  
   61.	   Interest on compensation  
   62.	   Date of commencement of accruement of compensation  
   63.	   Mode of payment of compensation  
   64.	   Determination of compensation  
   65.	   Payment of compensation  
   66.	   Provision for cases where compensation is not accepted &c  
   67.	   Deductions from compensation  
   68.	   Curtailment of production  
   69.	   Acquisition of immovable property  
   70.	   Provisions regarding land belonging to the Republic and termination or revocation of licence  
   71.	   Liability of licensee, agent and manager of mine  
   72.	   Offences  
   73.	   Penalties  
   74.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   75.	   Regulations  
   76.	   Repeal  
   77.	   Interpretation  

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