Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Mediation Board Act (No. 72 of 1988)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Appointment of Commission  
   3.	   Power and duties of Commission  
   4.	   Mediation Board Area-  
   5.	   Appointment of panel of Mediators  
   6.	   Jurisdiction of Mediation Board  
   7.	   Action other than those involving the grant of any provisional remedy not to be filed without certificates of non-settlement  
   8.	   Reference by court  
   9.	   Constitution of Mediation Board  
   10.	   Duties of Mediation Board  
   11.	   Where settlement to reached  
   12.	   Where no settlement is possible  
   13.	   Time limit within which Board must act  
   14.	   Failure to comply with or violation of settlements  
   15.	   Representation  
   16.	   Privileges  
   17.	   Prescription  
   18.	   Offence settled by a Mediation Board deemed to be compounded  
   19.	   Grama Seva Niladhari to assist the Board  
   20.	   members of Board deemed to be public servants  
   21.	   Board deemed to be a Scheduled Institution  
   22.	   Defect in constitution of Board not to invalidate acts and proceedings of Board  
   23.	   Regulations  
   24.	   Interpretation  

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