Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Marine Pollution Prevention Act (No. 59 of 1981)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the Marine Pollution Prevention Authority  
   3.	   Discharge or escape of oil or other pollutant Into Sri Lanka waters  
   4.	   Dumping oil or other pollutant into Sri Lanka waters  
   5.	   Special defences  
   6.	   civil liability  
   7.	   Special defences  
   8.	   Limitation of liability  
   9.	   Compulsory insurance  
   10.	   Record books relating to oil and pollutants  
   11.	   Restriction on transfer of oil  
   12.	   Duty to report discharge of oil or other pollutant into Sri Lanka waters  
   13.	   Reception facilities to discharge or deposit oil or pollutants,  
   14.	   Equipment in ship to prevent pollution  
   15.	   maritime casualties  
   16.	   Measures taken under section 15 to be proportionate to actual or threatened damage  
   17.	   Powers of the Minister to implement International Conventions  
   18.	   Additional defences  
   19.	   power inspection survey & c  
   20.	   power to enter any land or premises  
   21.	   duty to co-operate  
   22.	   power to detain ship  
   23.	   Detained ship proceeding to sea  
   24.	   Notice to Consular Officer on detention of foreign ship  
   25.	   Notices & c. to be in writing  
   26.	   service of documents,  
   27.	   sale of ship  
   28.	   Non-application to naval ships  
   29.	   Jurisdiction of the Courts  
   30.	   Power of arrest  
   31.	   who may prosecute  
   32.	   Fines to be credited to powers by the authority  
   33.	   Delegation of powers by the authority  
   34.	   Regulations  
   35.	   suits or legal proceeding not to lie against authority or employees in certain circumstances  
   36.	   power of the minister in relation to the authority  
   37.	   interpretation  

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