Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Measurement Units, Standards And Service Act (No. 35 of 1995)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Units of measurement  
   3.	   Establishment of Measurement Units, Standard and Service Department and National Measurement Laboratory  
   4.	   Appointment of Director &c  
   5.	   Sri Lanka Standards  
   6.	   Sri Lanka Standards to be in the custody of the Director  
   7.	   Reference Standards  
   8.	   Secondary standards  
   9.	   Measurements of physical quantities  
   10.	   Certification of calibration  
   11.	   Judicial notice of standards  
   12.	   All contracts sales  and collection of fees or duties to be in terms of authorised units of measurement  
   13.	   Weights and measures in Part II at Third Schedule declared to be authorised weights and authorised measures  
   14.	   Appointment of Inspectors  
   15.	   Tertiary standards  
   16.	   Use of any weight or measure the denomination of which is marked thereon  
   17.	   Use of tertiary standards after expiry of period specified and use of instruments not verified  
   18.	   Inspectors not be derive profit from making or selling of weights and measures  
   19.	   Sale of weight or measure which has not been verified or certified  
   20.	   All weights measures to be approved by the Director  
   21.	   Persons who sell repair or manufacture weights instruments &c. to be registered  
   22.	   Periodical examination of weights or measures or weighing or measuring instruments  
   23.	   Stamping of mark of verification  
   24.	   Power of inspector to enter into any premises and inspect weights & c  
   25.	   Weight or measure stamped by Inspectors to be used in Sri Lanka  
   26.	   Fees levied to be credited to the Fund  
   27.	   Registers to be kept by Inspectors  
   28.	   Inspectors to give security  
   29.	   Power of police officers or Price Control Inspectors to enter any premises to check any weighing or measuring of goods  
   30.	   Minister to direct the periodical certification m certification of any measure at measuring instrument  
   31.	   Measuring or measuring instruments used by Government Departments or corporations to be calibrated at the Laboratory  
   32.	   Units of measurement to be used in transactions relating to land  
   33.	   Director to provide facilities lor calibration of measuring instruments and measuring devices  
   34.	   Weights, Measures &c. used in trade or industry to have their pattern approved by the Laboratory  
   35.	   Fund  
   36.	   Sale or exposing for sale any unstamped weight &c  
   37.	   Use and Possession of unstamped weights &c  
   38.	   Forgery of stamp or mark used by inspector  
   39.	   Use of false weight or measure of length or capacity  
   40.	   Repair or manufacture of any weight or measure &c. without being registered  
   41.	   Refusal to produce weights &c. for Inspection  
   42.	   False, incorrect or untrue declaration  
   43.	   Use or procedure of any weights or measure which it set correct  
   44.	   Breach by inspectors  
   45.	   Failure to obey directive issued under section 30  
   46.	   General Powers  
   47.	   Forfeiture of weights &c  
   48.	   Evidence of possession  
   49.	   sanction for prosecution  
   50.	   Board registerd by Assistant Director and superindenant  
   51.	   Declaration of specified packaged goods and quantity to be contained in any package  
   52.	   Sale of packaged goods not marked in authorised units to be an offence  
   53.	   Settlement of disputes  
   54.	   Certificate of Director Deputy Director or an Assistant Director to be prima facie evidence of facts stated therein  
   55.	   Principal liable for offences of servants and agents  
   56.	   Offences committed by body of persons  
   57.	   Rewards to certain persons  
   58.	   Repeal of section 257, 258, 259 and 260 of chapter 19 and savings  
   59.	   Repeal of Chapter 158 and savings  
   60.	   Regulations  
   61.	   Interpretation  
   62.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistancy  

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