Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Offences Against Aircraft Act (No. 24 of 1982)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Competent Authority  
   3.	   Minister to certify contracting states to the Convention  
   4.	   Section - 4  
   5.	   Commander of a Sri Lanka aircraft deemed to be a peace within the meaning of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act  
   6.	   Provisions of Chapter III of the Convention to have force of law in Sri Lanka  
   7.	   Resistance and obstruction of aircraft Commander exercising powers conferred on him by the provisions of the Schedule to be an offence  
   8.	   Refusal or failure to assist aircraft Commander to be an offence  
   9.	   Failure of aircraft Commander to report disembarkation of offender or to notify the intention to deliver offender, to be an offence  
   10.	   Offences under this Part of this Act  
   11.	   Commander of aircraft registered contracting state to be allowed to disembark or deliver persons in accordance with the Convention  
   12.	   Duties of Competent Authority on the delivery of a person  
   13.	   Person disembarked or delivered to be allowed to leave Sri Lanka if no criminal or extradition proceedings are instituted against him  
   14.	   Disembarkation or delivery not deemed to be permission to enter Sri Lanka  
   15.	   Offences committed on aircraft registered in a contracting state deemed to be committed in that state  
   16.	   Interpretation  
   17.	   Offences on board or against aircraft  
   18.	   Offences Part of this Act to be cognizable and non-bailable  
   19.	   Acts committed on board, or in relation to, a foreign aircraft deemed to be offences  
   20.	   Competent Authority to make preliminary inquiry on the arrest of any person under this Part of this Act  
   21.	   Duties of Competent Authority  
   22.	   Amended of Extradition Law ,No 8 of 1977  
   23.	   Convention to constitute extradition arrangement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Governments of slates which are parties to the Hague or Montreal Conventions  
   24.	   Provision regarding extradition  
   25.	   Special Provision relating to extradition  
   26.	   Interpretation  

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