Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Public Contracts (No. 3 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Application of the Act to public contracts  
   3.	   Appointment of Panel and nomination of members of Tribunal  
   4.	   Powers and duties of the Tribunal  
   5.	   Appointment of Registrar  
   6.	   Duties of the Registrar  
   7.	   Register to be evidence  
   8.	   Persons required to register with the Registrar  
   9.	   Contravention of provisions of section 8 an offence  
   10.	   Application for registration  
   11.	   Certificate of registration  
   12.	   Prohibition of members and officers from dealing with contractors and agents  
   13.	   Notification of changes of particulars furnished under section 6  
   14.	   Cancellation of registration for fraud or on other grounds  
   15.	   Appeal from the decision of the Registrar  
   16.	   Fulfilling obligations under a contract notwithstanding its cancellation or suspension  
   17.	   Inducements, gratifications or misrepresentations made or offered to any person to obtain benefits in the award of tenders and public contracts  
   18.	   Interference with the Registrar, or member of a Panel or Tribunal or public body  
   19.	   Duty to report  
   20.	   Leave to appeal to the Tribunal  
   21.	   Tribunal to report to President  
   22.	   Tribunal to forward report to Attorney General  
   23.	   Persons who disclose classified information  
   24.	   Power to summon witnesses  
   25.	   Evidence  
   26.	   Failure to obey summon or to give evidence amp;c  
   27.	   Punishment of offence of contempt  
   28.	   Privileges of witnesses  
   29.	   Secrecy  
   30.	   Protection against suit or prosecution  
   31.	   Persons committing offences under this Act to be tribal before a Judge of the High Court  
   32.	   Attorney General to institute prosecutions  
   33.	   Service of documents  
   34.	   Offence by body of persons amp;c  
   35.	   Act to apply to public contracts which have not reached finality amp;c  
   36.	   Regulations  
   37.	   Officers and servants of the Tribunal and Registrar deemed to be public officers  
   38.	   Tribunal to furnish reports to the President  
   39.	   Acts and decisions of the Tribunal  
   40.	   Proceedings of Tribunal  
   41.	   Powers of Registrar to give general or special directions  
   42.	   Oath or affirmation  
   43.	   Contravention of provision of an offence  
   44.	   Penalty for offence for which no penalty is prescribed  
   45.	   Interpretation  

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