Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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People's Committees Act (No. 16 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Area of authority of People's Committees  
   3.	   Appointment of members to People's Committees  
   4.	   Chairman of the Committee  
   5.	   Qualification for membership of a People's Committee  
   6.	   Term of office of members of the Committee  
   7.	   Appointment of Secretary  
   8.	   Meetings of the Committe  
   9.	   Removal of a member not to be challenged in a court  
   10.	   Members deemed to be public servants for certain purposes  
   11.	   Right of Member of Parliament to participate in meetings of the Committee  
   12.	   Aims and objects of a People's Committee  
   13.	   Powers of the Committee  
   14.	   Chairman or Secretary of the Committee may institute proceedings under section 148 (1) (b) of Chapter 20  
   15.	   Sub-committee of three members may act for the Committee  
   16.	   Written reports of acts done in exercise of powers of the Committee  
   17.	   Duties of public and private bodies vis a vis the Committee  
   18.	   Annual reports  
   19.	   Restrictions of powers of the Committee  
   20.	   Protection of the Committee and other persons from civil and criminal suits  
   21.	   Regulations  
   22.	   Offences  
   23.	   Decisions and acts of the Committee to be valid in spite of vacancy among membership  
   24.	   Decision of majority to be decision of the Committee  
   25.	   Limitation of the activities of the Committee  
   26.	   Chairman of the Committee to be ex officio Justice of the Peace  
   27.	   Department and Commissioner of People's Committees  
   28.	   Powers of the Commissioner in relation to the Committee  
   29.	   Minister may issue directions to the Commissioner  
   30.	   Interpretation  
   31.	   Section - 31  

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