Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Prize Competitions Act (No. 37 of 1957)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Tax on prize competitions  
   3.	   Licence required for prize competition other than a school magazine competition  
   4.	   School magazine competition to be subject to certain conditions  
   5.	   Minister to issue licences  
   6.	   Power of Permanent Secretary to require applicants to furnish information and documents  
   7.	   Fees for licences  
   8.	   Description of licences  
   9.	   Applications for licences  
   10.	   Conditions to which all licences are subject  
   11.	   Special conditions to which society and commercial prize competition licences are subject  
   12.	   Special conditions to which newspaper prize competition licences are subject  
   13.	   Disposal of unclaimed prizes in licensed prize competitions  
   14.	   Persons who are deemed to promote or conduct prize competitions  
   15.	   Authorized representative may act on behalf of licensee  
   16.	   Prohibition of participation in foreign prize competition  
   17.	   Offences  
   18.	   Punishment for offences under this Act  
   19.	   Forfeiture of money and disposal of productions before court  
   20.	   Search warrants  
   21.	   Proof of licence by production of certified copy  
   22.	   Affixing of facsimile of Minister's signature to licence  
   23.	   Offences to be cognizable offences. Cap. 20  
   24.	   Interpretation  

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