Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Parliamentary Commissioner For Administration Act (No. 17 of 1981)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration  
   3.	   Appointment and term of office  
   4.	   Where public officer is appointed as Ombudsman  
   5.	   Official path or affirmation  
   6.	   Duty to maintain secrecy  
   7.	   Ombudsman not to hold public off without consent after ceasing to be Ombudsman  
   8.	   Deputy Ombudsman  
   9.	   other staff  
   10.	   Functions of the Ombudsman  
   11.	   Matters not subject to investigation  
   12.	   Reference of certain questions to Supreme Court  
   13.	   Ombudsman may discontinue investigation in certain cases  
   14.	   Refusal to investigate not to be questioned  
   15.	   conduct of investigation by Ombudsman  
   16.	   Evidence  
   17.	   Determination of Ombudsman  
   18.	   Annual report by Ombudsman  
   19.	   power of entry on premises  
   20.	   offences  
   21.	   Protection against suit or prosecution  
   22.	   Rules  
   23.	   Complaints regarding matters occurring before operation of this Act  
   24.	   Savings  
   25.	   Interpretation  

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