Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Parliament Elections Act (No. 1 of 1981)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Number of Members to be returned for each electoral district  
   3.	   Polling divisions.and polling districts  
   4.	   Polling divisions. and polling districts  
   5.	   Register of electors to be conclusive evidence of right to vote  
   6.	   Returning officers  
   7.	   Recognized political parties for the purpose of elections  
   8.	   Recognized political parties to comply with certain requirements  
   9.	   Cessation of recognition of a political party  
   10.	   Nominations period and date of poll  
   11.	   Notice of intention to contest elections  
   12.	   Change of approved symbols of recognized political parties  
   13.	   Power of Commissioner to direct which one of the rival sections of a recognized political party is that party  
   14.	   Who may contest election  
   15.	   Nomination papers  
   16.	   Deposits  
   17.	   Disposal of deposit  
   18.	   Consent to nomination an offence under certain circumstances  
   19.	   Rejection of nomination papers  
   20.	   Uncontested elections  
   21.	   Procedure where no nomination papers arc received  
   22.	   Contested elections  
   23.	   Persons entitled to be present at nomination  
   24.	   Notice of poll  
   25.	   Death of candidate or candidates after nomination  
   26.	   Voting by Post  
   27.	   official poll card  
   28.	   Presiding officers  
   29.	   Facilities to be provided at polling stations  
   30.	   Notices to be exhibited at polling stations  
   31.	   Ballot boxes  
   32.	   Ballot paper  
   33.	   Hours of poll  
   34.	   Appointment of polling agents  
   35.	   General conduct of the poll  
   36.	   Sealing of ballot boxes and commencement of poll  
   37.	   Issue of ballot papers  
   38.	   Inspections of voter and marking with the appropriate, mark  
   39.	   Manner of voting  
   40.	   Assistance to voters to enable them to vote  
   41.	   Voting by proxy forbidden  
   42.	   Plural voting to be an illegal practice  
   43.	   Power to require voter to make declarations  
   44.	   Spoilt ballot papers  
   45.	   Tendered votes  
   46.	   Closure of poll  
   47.	   Procedure of closure of poll  
   48.	   Presiding officer may act through officers appointed to assist him  
   49.	   Counting officers  
   50.	   Notice of count  
   51.	   Appointment of counting agents  
   52.	   The count  
   53.	   Ballot papers to be rejected  
   54.	   Special provisions relating to powers, duties and functions under sections 52 and  53  
   55.	   Closure of the count  
   56.	   Counting of postal ballot papers  
   57.	   Notice of declaration of result  
   58.	   Appointment of agents to attend at the declaration of the result  
   59.	   Persons entitled to be present at the declaration of the result  
   60.	   Declaration of the result  
   61.	   Special provisions relating to powers, duties or functions under section 60  
   62.	   Publication of result in the Gazette  
   63.	   Disposal of ballot papers  & c  
   64.	   Filling of vacancies  
   65.	   Procedure where a recognized political party exercises right to change order of priority in the nomination paper  
   66.	   Offences relating to nomination papers ballot papery official poll cards  
   67.	   Certain persons not to canvass or act as agents  
   68.	   Certain acts prohibited on polling day  
   69.	   Restriction on processions  
   70.	   Restriction on public meetings  
   71.	   General provisions relating to offences under sections 66, 67, 68, 69 and 70  
   72.	   Printing, & c. of election publications by persons other than candidates  
   73.	   Restriction on number of election offices  
   74.	   Provision relating to display of handbills, posters. & c  
   75.	   Candidate not to visit residences for canvassing  & c  
   76.	   Maintenance secrecy at elections  
   77.	   Personation  
   78.	   Treating  
   79.	   Undue influence  
   80.	   Bribery  
   81.	   Punishment and incapacities for corrupt practice  
   82.	   Special provisions relating to punishment and incapacity for a corrupt practice by an un-successful candidate at an election  
   83.	   Certain expenditure to be illegal practice  
   84.	   False reports in newspapers  
   85.	   Certain employment to be illegal  
   86.	   Printing, & c.of election publications  
   87.	   Punishment on conviction for illegal practices  
   88.	   Special provisions relating to punishment and incapacity for an illegal practice by an un-successful candidate at any election  
   89.	   Report exonerating candidate in certain cases of corrupt or illegal practices  
   90.	   Power of Court to except innocent act from being illegal  
   91.	   Avoidance by conviction of candidate  
   92.	   Avoidance of election on election petition  
   93.	   Court of Appeal to try election petitions  
   94.	   Place of trial of an election petition  
   95.	   Who may present petition  
   96.	   Relief which may be claimed  
   97.	   Parties to a petition  
   98.	   Contents of the petition  
   99.	   Special provisions relating to the procedure before an Election Judge  
   100.	   Determination of Election Judge  
   101.	   Report of Judges as to Corrupt or illegal practice  
   102.	   Appeal on question of law against declaration under section 100 and any other decision or order of Election Judge  
   103.	   Security by appellant & c. of appeal  
   104.	   Power of the Supreme Court in appeal  
   105.	   Transmission to President of certificate and report  
   106.	   Effect of certificate  
   107.	   Effect of report   
   108.	   Time for presentation  
   109.	   Prohibition of disclosure of vote  
   110.	   Votes to be struck off at a scrutiny  
   111.	   Procedure and practice on election petitions  
   112.	   Rejection of ballot paper by counting officer to be final  
   113.	   Power to order elections  
   114.	   Failure to comply with provisions of Act  
   115.	   Death, withdrawal or disqualification of candidate not to invalidate nomination paper of party or group  
   116.	   Use of schools as polling stations  
   117.	   Secretary of a recognized political party or group leader to act as his own agent or assist his agent  
   118.	   Non-attendance of the agents-of recognized political party or independent group  
   119.	   Prohibition of disclosure of vote  
   120.	   Inaccurate description of places and persons  
   121.	   Publication, of notices, & c  
   122.	   Duty of employers to grant leave to enable employee to vote  
   123.	   Requisitioning of premises for use as polling stations  
   124.	   Compensation for requisitioning premises  
   125.	   Right of secretary of recognized political party or group leader to send matter relating to elections post free  
   126.	   Political broadcasts  
   127.	   State assistance to recognized political parties  
   128.	   Powers of Commissioner  
   129.	   Removal of difficulties  
   130.	   Repeal  
   131.	   Interpretation  

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