Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Pirivena Education Act (No. 64 of 1979)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Objects of Pirivena Education  
   3.	   Aims of Pirivena Education  
   4.	   Pirivena Education Board  
   5.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Board  
   6.	   Committees of the Board  
   7.	   Classification of Pirivenas other than Pirivena Training Institutes  
   8.	   Mulika Pirivena  
   9.	   Maha Pirivena  
   10.	   Pirivena Vidyayathana  
   11.	   The curriculum and duration of course of study  
   12.	   The situation and management of Pirivenas  
   13.	   Pirivena Training Institutes  
   14.	   Director-General to determine courses of study  
   15.	   Advisory Committee of Pirivena Training Institutes  
   16.	   Members not to receive remuneration  
   17.	   Powers and duties of Advisory Committee  
   18.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Director-General  
   19.	   Manager of a Pirivena  
   20.	   Managers of Mulika Pirivenas Maha Pirivenas and Pirivena Vidyayathana  
   21.	   Manager of a Pirivena Training Institute  
   22.	   Holder of a paid office under the Republic disqualified for appointment as Manager  
   23.	   Manager of a Pirivena to be responsible to the DIRECTOR-GENERAL  
   24.	   Powers, duties and functions of Managers of Pirivenas  
   25.	   Principal of Pirivenas  
   26.	   Teachers of Pirivenas  
   27.	   Certain matters to be prescribed  
   28.	   Existing Pirivenas to continue under this Act  
   29.	   Manager, Principal and teacher of any existing Pirivenas  
   30.	   Board may-make rules  
   31.	   Registered Pirivenas to comply with this Act  
   32.	   Grants payable to a Pirivena  
   33.	   Regulations  
   34.	   Rescission  
   35.	   interpretation  

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