Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Pasture Lands (Reservation And Development) Act (No. 4 of 1983)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Declaration of State land as pasture land  
   3.	   Leasing of pasture land vested in the Land Commissioner  
   4.	   Power of Land Commissioner or authorized officer to terminate any lease agreement  
   5.	   State Lands (Recovery of Possession) Act, No. 7 of 1979, to apply  
   6.	   Maintenance of records  
   7.	   Power of entry and inspection  
   8.	   Minister may revoke Order made under section 2  
   9.	   Offences and penalties under this Act  
   10.	   Regulations,  
   11.	   Interpretation  

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