Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Payment Of Gratuity Act (No. 12 of 1983)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Employer's liability to pay gratuity to workmen employed on lands that vested in the Land Reform Commission  
   3.	   Rate of payment of a gratuity  
   4.	   Commissioner to issue certificate to the Land Reform Commission specifying the sum due as gratuity to a workman  
   5.	   Employers liability to pay gratuity to his workmen for termination after the coming into operation of this Act  
   6.	   Rate of payment of gratuity  
   7.	   Limits on applicability of section 5  
   8.	   Recovery on gratuity on defaulter's failure to pay  
   9.	   Persons to whom gratuity shall be paid in certain circumstances  
   10.	   Gratuity to be computed favourable  
   11.	   Power of Commissioner and other officer to enter and inspect promises  
   12.	   Power of Commissioner to call for registers and records  
   13.	   Forfeiture of gratuity  
   14.	   Present employer to count services of workman under past employer in certain circumstances  
   15.	   Offences  
   16.	   Where the accused proves that some other person is guilty of the offence  
   17.	   Amendment of Chapter 131  
   18.	   Amendment of the Land Reform Law  
   19.	   Amendment of Chapter 460  
   20.	   Interpretation  

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