Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Proscribing Of Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam And Other Similar Organizations Law (No. 16 of 1978)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Proscribing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and power of President to proscribe other like organizations  
   3.	   Provisions applicable to Orders made under section 2 (2)  
   4.	   Offences  
   5.	   Control of publications  
   6.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   7.	   Forfeiture of moneys, securities or credits and movable and immovable property of a proscribed organization  
   8.	   Provisions in any written law relating to the grant of bail not to apply to persons accused of any offence under this Law  
   9.	   Provisions of the Administration of Justice Law, No, 44 of 1973, relating to certain punishments not to apply to persons convicted or guilty of certain offences  
   10.	   Offences to be triable by District Court  
   11.	   Direction by Minister to detain persons who have committed offences under this Law or any other law  
   12.	   Advisory Board  
   13.	   Order under section 11 not to be questioned in any court  
   14.	   Protection of officers &c  
   15.	   Duration of this Law  
   16.	   Interpretation  

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