Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Pradeshiya Sabhas Act (No. 15 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation   
   2.	   Constitution of Pradeshiya Sabhas  
   3.	   Functions of the Pradeshiya Sabhas  
   4.	   Members of Pradeshiya Sabhas  
   5.	   Term of office of members  
   6.	   Commencement of term of office of Pradeshiya Sabha and date  
   7.	   Vacation of office   
   8.	   Chairman and vice Chairman  
   9.	   Appointment, powers and duties of Secretary  
   10.	   Chairman or Vice Chairman to preside at meetings of the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   11.	   MEETINGS  
   12.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to appoint Committees  
   13.	   Quorum  
   14.	   Powers of Pradeshiya Sabhas to be vested in the majority  
   15.	   Minutes  
   16.	   Vesting of movable ad immovable property and assets and liabilities in a Pradeshiya Sabha  
   17.	   Methods of vesting administration &c. of such land  
   18.	   Other property vested in Pradeshiya Sabhas  
   19.	   Powers of the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   20.	   Power to authorize surveys  
   21.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to be the general authority for thorough fares and communications  
   22.	   General powers of Pradeshiya Sabha with regard to thorough fares and open spaces  
   23.	   Thorough fares vested in Pradeshiya Sbaha  
   24.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to demarcate and publish a list of roads and paths  
   25.	   Prescription  
   26.	   Notices how served  
   27.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to construct new and improve existing thorough fares  
   28.	   Acquisition of lands for diversions or enlargements  
   29.	   Gifts of lands required for diversion or enlargement of thorough fare  
   30.	   Power to dispose of discontinued street  
   31.	   Power to take land adjoining new street for building purposes  
   32.	   Other powers of a Pradeshiya Sabha  
   33.	   Roads for benefit of individual property owners  
   34.	   Public vehicular communications  
   35.	   Houses in a ruinous and dangerous state  
   36.	   Failure to comply with notice  
   37.	   Sale of materials of ruinous houses  
   38.	   Maintenance and repair of thoroughfares  
   39.	   Power to take materials  
   40.	   Power to erect buildings and keep cuticle &c  
   41.	   Power to throw rubbish upon adjacent lands  
   42.	   Power to make temporary road  
   43.	   Power to cut trees  
   44.	   Power to put up fences  
   45.	   Power to make and keep ditches &c. and to lay trunks, &c  
   46.	   Power to lay stones &c  
   47.	   Notice of intended building along a thorough fare  
   48.	   Erection of temporary fences and enclosures  
   49.	   Building limits along roads  
   50.	   Demarcation of building limits  
   51.	   Condition to be attached to all Licenses under section 49  
   52.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to deal with building boundary wall or gateway erected in contravention of law  
   53.	   Principles of assessing compensation in respect of land developed by building  
   54.	   Power of Predeshiya Sabha to acquire adjacent land for owner of land within building limit  
   55.	   Power to demand production of title deeds  
   56.	   Demand of production of deed to include power of examination  
   57.	   Power to make survey of premises  
   58.	   Proof pf right to apparent encroachment to rest upon the owner  
   59.	   Removal of obstructions or encroachments  
   60.	   Injuries to throughfares,&c  
   61.	   Prohibition of riding or driving any animal or vehicle  
   62.	   Owner or occupier bound to have bridge, amp; over drains leading to his house  
   63.	   Allowing tress to grow in such a way as to injure thoroughfares  
   64.	   Damage to thoroughfares through clearing draining, or opening up neighboring land  
   65.	   Offences  
   66.	   Seizure of stray cattle  
   67.	   Interference with cattle seizure  
   68.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to authorize the uses of public thoroughfares for special purposes  
   69.	   By-laws  
   70.	   Expenses caused by extraordinary traffic  
   71.	   Powers conferred on officers in charge of public works by whom to be executed  
   72.	   Survey by proper officers to be conclusive evidence  
   73.	   Compensation for injury to property by authorised officers  
   74.	   Arbitration  
   75.	   Officers and contractors leaving stones, &c. on thorough fares at night  
   76.	   Road officer or road contractor not liable to fine except in certain cases  
   77.	   Police officers and Grama seva Niladharis to enforce provisions of this Part  
   78.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to be general public health authority  
   79.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to make public drains  
   80.	   Duty of Pradeshiya Sabha to repair, alter and discontinue drains  
   81.	   Obstruction of discharge of rain water and drainage  
   82.	   General control of the drains  
   83.	   Penalty for making unauthorized drains into public drains  
   84.	   Buildings over drains, &c. not to be erected without consent of the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   85.	   Duty of Pradeshiya Sabha as to latrine accommodation  
   86.	   Construction of additional latrines  
   87.	   Duty of employers of laborers to provide latrines  
   88.	   Neglecting to enclose private latrine  
   89.	   General control of latrines  
   90.	   Penalty for making or altering latrines, &c. to the directions or by-laws of the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   91.	   Inspection of latrines &c  
   92.	   Power Pradeshiya Sabha to direct removal of latrine or closure of cesspit  
   93.	   Duty of Pradeshiya Sabha as to conservancy and scavenging  
   94.	   All refuse collected to be property of Pradeshiya Sabha  
   95.	   Places for disposal of refuse and keeping equipment  
   96.	   Duty of Pradeshiya Sabha as to insanitary buildings  
   97.	   Duty of Pradeshiya Sabha as to existing buildings  
   98.	   Overcrowding of houses  
   99.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to inspect and limewash houses  
   100.	   Inspection of nuisances  
   101.	   Power to fill up un whole some tanks on private premises  
   102.	   Licensing of slaughter house  
   103.	   Nuisance by child  
   104.	   Public bathing places  
   105.	   Pollution of streams which flow into reservoirs or water works  
   106.	   Pollution caused by factories  
   107.	   Power of a Chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha in regard to trees or branches trunks, or fruits of trees endangering the safety of person or property  
   108.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to establish public utility services  
   109.	   Manner of defraying expenses of public utility service  
   110.	   Maximum of special rate for water or conservancy service  
   111.	   Liability for special rates in respect of State property  
   112.	   Assessment and recovery of special rates  
   113.	   Exemption from special rate by resolution  
   114.	   Supply to premises in adjacent areas  
   115.	   General power of Pradeshiya Sabha  
   116.	   Rate-payers entitled to free water supply from public stand pipes for domestic purposes  
   117.	   Meaning of domestic purposes  
   118.	   Contract for private service  
   119.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha as to village fairs  
   120.	   Provision applicable where a licence is required for a private fair  
   121.	   Compensation for discontinuance of private fair  
   122.	   Power to make by-laws  
   123.	   Approval and publication of by-laws  
   124.	   Supply of copies of by-laws  
   125.	   By-laws to be subject to disallowances or amendment  
   126.	   Subject of by-laws  
   127.	   Pradeshiya Sabha to be proper authority under the Cemeteries and Burials Ordinance  
   128.	   Compulsory acquisition of lands and buildings  
   129.	   Pradeshiya Sabha Fund  
   130.	   Moneys received by the Pradeshiya Sabha to be lodged with the bank  
   131.	   Power to invest any part of the Pradeshiya Sabha Fund  
   132.	   Applications of Pradeshiya Sabha Fund  
   133.	   Orders, cheques, &c. for payment out of the Pradeshiya Sabha Fund  
   134.	   Rates and acreage tax  
   135.	   Exemption from rate or acreage tax imposed by the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   136.	   Assessment of state Property  
   137.	   Property of the State not liable to seizure and sale  
   138.	   Division or consolidation of property for assessment  
   139.	   Return for purchases of valuation  
   140.	   Assessment of annual value of properties  
   141.	   Assessment list and acreage list  
   142.	   Procedure in case of objections to assessment, &c  
   143.	   Division of assessment &c. on alterations to property affecting annual value  
   144.	   Division if assessment or verification of rates in certain cases  
   145.	   Remission of rates in case of non-tenancy  
   146.	   Adoption of previous assessment or verification  
   147.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to impose taxes and licence duties  
   148.	   Vehicles and animals tax  
   149.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to levy certain licence duties  
   150.	   Tax on certain trades  
   151.	   Determination of duty or tax where several trades are carried on  
   152.	   Tax on certain businesses and professions  
   153.	   Tax on undeveloped land  
   154.	   Tax on certain sales of land  
   155.	   Movable property exempt from seizure in respect of rates, &c  
   156.	   Deduction of amounts paid from rent due  
   157.	   Assessment, &c., not impeached or affected by reason of mistake in name, &c  
   158.	   Warrant for recovery of rates and taxes  
   159.	   Warrant for recovery of rent and fees due to the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   160.	   Restrictions as to seizure of property  
   161.	   Scale of costs  
   162.	   Seizure of property  
   163.	   Sale of movable property  
   164.	   Surplus of sale  
   165.	   Power to break open houses  
   166.	   Default in the payment of rate or tax  
   167.	   Closure order by Magistrate  
   168.	   Budge  
   169.	   Chairman powers with regard to budget  
   170.	   Variation of expenditure proposed in budget  
   171.	   Rules as to administration of Fund and property  
   172.	   Audit of accounts land surcharge  
   173.	   Contracts for execution of work to be reduced to writing of exceeding prescribed limits  
   174.	   Procedure for entering into contracts referred to in section 178  
   175.	   Resolving doubts as to legality of item of expenditure  
   176.	   Ex gratta of pension, annuity gratuity or retiring allowance  
   177.	   Power to establish gratuity scheme  
   178.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha to borrow on the security of rates and taxes  
   179.	   Limitation of borrowing powers  
   180.	   Form of security &c  
   181.	   When Chairman may exercise power of Pradeshiya Sabha relating to raising of loans  
   182.	   Waiver of sums due to Pradeshiya Sabha  
   183.	   Payment of costs awarded against Pradeshiya Sabha  
   184.	   Rules as to meetings and tax and finance  
   185.	   Removal of Chairman and dissolution of Pradeshiya Sabha  
   186.	   Breach of by-laws  
   187.	   Power of Minister when Pradeshiya Sabha make default &c  
   188.	   Minister to determine measures to be taken upon receipt of report under section 187  
   189.	   Power of Minster to direct raising of loans  
   190.	   Power to certify expenses  
   191.	   Power of Local Loans Commissioner to advance loans  
   192.	   Recovery of principal and interest from the Pradeshiya Sabha  
   193.	   Delegation of powers of duties of Commissioner of Local Government to Assistant Commissioner  
   194.	   Ministers power to call for any inspect any book or document of a Pradeshiya Sabha  
   195.	   Power to make recommendations as to policy  
   196.	   Power of Minister and Commissioner  
   197.	   Additional powers of Commissioner  
   198.	   Naming of road or path  
   199.	   Power of Pradeshiya Sabha on default made by owner or occupier to execute works and recover expenses  
   200.	   Power to levy charges on occupier, who may deduct the same from his rent  
   201.	   Occupiers not to be liable to more than the amount of rent due  
   202.	   Occupier in default of owner may execute works and deduct expenses from rent  
   203.	   Obstructions by occupier  
   204.	   Remedy if neither the owner nor occupier pays the expenses  
   205.	   Determination and recovery of damages, costs &c  
   206.	   Recovery of damages  
   207.	   Recovery of expenses on account of improvement to private property  
   208.	   Pradeshiya Sabha may make compensation out of pradeshiya Sabha Fund  
   209.	   Determination and payment of compensation  
   210.	   Service of notices  
   211.	   Notices may be given or received by secretary or any other officer authorized thereunder  
   212.	   Offence to be tried by Magistrate  
   213.	   Limitation of prosecution  
   214.	   No section to be instituted against a Pradeshiya Sabha until after one months notice nor after six months after cause of action  
   215.	   Protection of Pradeshiya Sabha and its officers  
   216.	   Powers of Pradeshiya Sabha to grant general authorities of its officers  
   217.	   Punishment for obstructing officers Pradeshiya Sabha  
   218.	   Penalty for misuse of power by officers of Pradeshiya Sabha  
   219.	   Officers and servants of Pradeshiya Sabha not to be interested in contracts  
   220.	   Officers and servants of Pradeshiya Sabha to be public servants  
   221.	   Effect of a reference to a Town Council, Village Council or local authority in any written law  
   222.	   Repeal  
   223.	   Adjectment of questions and provided for  
   224.	   Transitions provision  
   225.	   Repeal and transitional Provisions  
   226.	   Interpretation  

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