Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Rent Act (No. 7 of 1972)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Operation and application of Act  
   3.	   Restriction on increase of rent  
   4.	   Standard rent  
   5.	   Permitted increases  
   6.	   Authorized rent  
   7.	   Receivable rent  
   8.	   Repairs Fund  
   9.	   Prohibition of excessive advance, premium or other additional payment  
   10.	   Letting of parts of premises and subletting of premises or part thereof  
   11.	   Contracts for the hire or lease of furniture, fittings, &c  
   12.	   Use of residential premises for other purposes  
   13.	   Provision of amenities, repairs, &c  
   14.	   Tenancy and amenities of premises purchased under Partition Act or allocated under partition decree. Cap. 69  
   15.	   Withholding amenities provided to tenants  
   16.	   Use of force on tenants and causing damage to premises  
   17.	   Interference with occupation by tenants  
   18.	   Demolition of buildings. Cap. 268  
   19.	   Number of independent units in residential premises not to be reduced  
   20.	   Construction of additional residential units on excess land  
   21.	   Rent may be paid to the authorized person instead of the landlord  
   22.	   Proceedings for ejectment  
   23.	   Ejectment of occupiers of residential premises purchased or constructed with moneys provided by prescribed State institutions on mortgages of such premises  
   24.	   Prohibition of ejectment proceedings for ten years after obtaining a decree for ejectment  
   25.	   Withdraws of notice on provision of guarantee for payment of rent  
   26.	   Ejectment of tenants of parts of premises  
   27.	   Ejectment of tenant of part of premises another part of which is occupied by the landlord  
   28.	   Ejectment of tenants who cease to occupy premises for six months  
   29.	   Agreements in respect of tenancy, rent, &c  
   30.	   The board to select tenants where premises assessed as residential premises are kept unoccupied and where residential premises the authorized rent of which does not exceed thirty rupees fall vacant  
   31.	   Continuance of original contract of tenancy  
   32.	   Recovery of payments in excess of authorized rent or receivable rent  
   33.	   Statement as standard rent, receipt, &c  
   34.	   Power of board to determine authorized rent or receivable rent  
   35.	   Certificate of tenancy  
   36.	   Continuance of tenancy upon death of tenant  
   37.	   Rent Register  
   38.	   Constitution of Rent Board  
   39.	   Proceeding before the board  
   40.	   Board of Review  
   41.	   Financial provisions  
   42.	   Offences and penalties  
   43.	   Regulations  
   44.	   Enforcement of Act by authorized officers  
   45.	   Removal of difficulties  
   46.	   Repeal and transitional provisions  
   47.	   Pending actions  
   48.	   Interpretation  

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