Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Regulation of Private Security Agencies Act (No. 45 of 1998)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation,  
   2.	   Registration of persons carrying on business of Private security Agencies  
   3.	   Appointment of Competent Authority  
   4.	   Application for registration of persons carrying on business of Private Security Agencies  
   5.	   Issue of licenses  
   6.	   Register to be maintained by Competent Authority  
   7.	   Manner of conduct of business by person licensed under this Act  
   8.	   Duty of person registered under this Act to inform Competent Authority of cessation of business  
   9.	   Any change in particulars in the application for registration to be notified to Competent Authority  
   10.	   Renewal of licence,  
   11.	   Cancellation of licence  
   12.	   Appeals against refusal to register, cancellation c  
   13.	   Directions,  
   14.	   Powers of entry,  
   15.	   Carrying on business of a private security Agency without licence, an offence  
   16.	   Miscellaneous offences  
   17.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   18.	   Regulations,  
   19.	   For the avoidance of doubt  
   20.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  
   21.	   Interpretation  

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