Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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State Film Corporation Act (No. 47 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the State Film Corporation  
   3.	   Members of the Corporation  
   4.	   General objects of the Corporation  
   5.	   Powers of the Corporation  
   6.	   Corporation to exercise its powers under the directions of the Minister  
   7.	   Board of Directors of the Corporation  
   8.	   Term of office of Directors  
   9.	   Power of Minister to remove from office a Director  
   10.	   Resignation of Directors  
   11.	   Eligibility for reappointment as Director  
   12.	   Acts or proceedings of the Corporation deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy or defect in the appointment of a Director  
   13.	   Remuneration of Directors  
   14.	   Directors to disclose interest in contract proposed to be made by the Corporation  
   15.	   Meetings of the Corporation  
   16.	   Chairman of any meeting of the Board to have a casting vote  
   17.	   Board of Directors to administer the affairs of the Corporation  
   18.	   Delegation of powers and duties of Board of Directors  
   19.	   Chairman of Board of Directors  
   20.	   Seal of the Corporation  
   21.	   Appointment of General Manager and other officers and servants of the Corporation  
   22.	   Powers of the Corporation in regard to the staff of the Corporation  
   23.	   Officers and servants of the Corporation deemed to be public servants.Cap. 19  
   24.	   The Corporation deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act. Cap. 26  
   25.	   Capital of the Corporation  
   26.	   Borrowing powers  
   27.	   Investment of the funds of the Corporation  
   28.	   Application of the revenue of the Corporation  
   29.	   Appropriation of net surplus revenue of the Corporation  
   30.	   Accounts and audit of accounts  
   31.	   Powers of the Auditor-General, &c.,  
   32.	   Report of the Board of Directors and copies of the auditor's report, the Auditor-General's comments and supplement and the statement of accounts and statistics to be sent to the Minister and laid before the House of Representatives  
   33.	   Programme of work to be undertaken by the Corporation during a financial year to be transmitted to the Minister for his approval  
   34.	   Acquisition of immovable property under the Land Acquisition Act  
   35.	   Notice of claim or disclaimer in respect of property required for purposes of the Corporation  
   36.	   Report on condition of any notified property  
   37.	   Compulsory transfer to the Corporation of certain property  
   38.	   Requisitioning of nothing property for the purpose of the Corporation  
   39.	   Compulsory acquisition of requisitioned property  
   40.	   Revocation of vesting Orders  
   41.	   Taking possession of property vested in or requisitioned for the Corporation  
   42.	   Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of property for and on behalf of the Corporation  
   43.	   Grants or leases of immovable property to the Corporation under the Crown Lands Ordinance. Cap. 454  
   44.	   Power to require information and to inspect  
   45.	   Power of Corporation to make use of equipment and facilities of other persons  
   46.	   Compensation in respect of property vested in the Corporation  
   47.	   Compensation in respect of property requisitioned for the Corporation  
   48.	   No compensation for damage or loss incurred by reason of the fact that the exclusive right to engage in or carry on any business is vested in the Corporation  
   49.	   Interest on compensation  
   50.	   Date of commencement of accruement of compensation  
   51.	   Mode of payment of compensation  
   52.	   Determination of compensation  
   53.	   Payment of compensation  
   54.	   Provision for cases where compensation is not accepted, &c.,  
   55.	   Deduction from compensation  
   56.	   Appeal from determination of compensation  
   57.	   Prohibition of the importation or distribution of films, &c., by any person other than the Corporation  
   58.	   Provisions relating to contracts or agreements for the importation or distribution of films existing on the relevant date  
   59.	   Special provisions relating to employees of persons who were carrying on business at importer and seller, &c., of films, &c.,  
   60.	   Power of Corporation to make rules  
   61.	   Regulations  
   62.	   Offences  
   63.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   64.	   This Act to prevail over other written law  
   65.	   Interpretation  

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