Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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State Gem Corporation Act (No. 13 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the State Gem Corporation  
   3.	   Membership of the Corporation  
   4.	   Remuneration and conditions of service of members of the Corporation  
   5.	   Employees of the Corporation  
   6.	   Delegation of powers, functions or duties of the Corporation  
   7.	   Chairman of the Corporation  
   8.	   Seal of the Corporation  
   9.	   Quorum for meeting of the Corporation  
   10.	   Regulation of procedure  
   11.	   Powers of the Minister of Finance in relation to the Corporation  
   12.	   Scope of the authority of the Corporation  
   13.	   Functions of the Corporation  
   14.	   Provisions relating to gems obtained from Crown lands  
   15.	   Modification &c., of any scheduled written law  
   16.	   Exclusive right to import or export gems vested in the Corporation  
   17.	   Transfer of Crown property to the Corporation  
   18.	   Compulsory acquisition of any land for the Corporation  
   19.	   General powers of the Corporation  
   20.	   Power of Corporation to make rules  
   21.	   Power of Corporation to make by laws  
   22.	   Capital of the Corporation  
   23.	   Borrowing powers of the Corporation  
   24.	   Investment of moneys of the Corporation  
   25.	   Application of the revenue of the Corporation  
   26.	   Appropriation of net surplus revenue of the Corporation  
   27.	   Accounts  
   28.	   Audit of accounts  
   29.	   Report of the Corporation and copies of Auditor-General's report and statement of accounts and statistics to be sent to the Minister and laid before the Senate and the House of Representatives, and copies of such reports and statistics to be made available for purchase by the public  
   30.	   Reward fund  
   31.	   Power of inspection and search  
   32.	   Power to seize articles  
   33.	   Form of applications to a District Court  
   34.	   Burden of proof  
   35.	   Proceedings in Court on an application  
   36.	   Costs of proceedings in a District Court on an application  
   37.	   Prohibition of the obstruction, & c of employees of the Corporation  
   38.	   Regulations  
   39.	   Compounding of offences  
   40.	   Offences  
   41.	   Forfeiture of articles  
   42.	   Disposal of articles forfeited to Her Majesty  
   43.	   Power of Corporation to compound claims  
   44.	   Liability of directors and certain officers of a body corporate for offence committed by that body  
   45.	   Certificate by Chairman or authorized member or officer  
   46.	   Power of companies, &c., to enter into contracts with the Corporation  
   47.	   Protection for action taken under this Act or on the direction of the Corporation  
   48.	   No writ to issue against person or property of a member of the Corporation  
   49.	   The Corporation deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act  
   50.	   Amendment of Schedule  
   51.	   Interpretation  
   52.	   Section - 52  

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