Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Tourism Act (No. 38 of 2005)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority  
   3.	   Objectives of the Authority  
   4.	   Composition of the Authority  
   5.	   Disqualification from membership of the Authority &c,  
   6.	   Preparation and approval of the long term goals and the four-year plan  
   7.	   Meetings of the Authority &c,  
   8.	   Head office of the Authority  
   9.	   Delegation of powers of the Authority  
   10.	   The Director- General to be the Chief Executive Officer  
   11.	   Powers &c,. of the Chairman  
   12.	   Powers and functions of the Authority  
   13.	   Special duties of the Authority  
   14.	   Remuneration and terms and conditions of service of members  
   15.	   Staff of the Authority  
   16.	   Departments and Committees of the Authority  
   17.	   Power of Authority to make rules  
   18.	   Authority to comply with directions issued by the Minister  
   19.	   Fund of the Authority  
   20.	   Audit of accounts  
   21.	   Members, officers and servants of the Authority deemed to be public servants  
   22.	   Authority deemed to be a Scheduled Institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act. (Chapter 26)  
   23.	   Establishment of the Tourism Development Fund  
   24.	   Levy of the Tourism Development Levy  
   25.	   Authority to have jurisdiction over a declared area  
   26.	   Declaration of Tourist Development Areas  
   27.	   Orders relating to Tourist Development Areas  
   28.	   Protection of privacy within any area declared under section 26  
   29.	   Authority to be vested with powers under the National Environmental Act and the Antiquities Ordinance  
   30.	   Declaration of trekking areas and nature trails  
   31.	   Authority to exercise powers &c,  
   32.	   Establishment of the Tourism Advisory Committee  
   33.	   Establishment of the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management  
   34.	   Objectives of the Institute  
   35.	   Board of Management of the Institute  
   36.	   Staff of the Institute  
   37.	   Term of office &c,. of members of the Board  
   38.	   Hotel School to vest in the Institute  
   39.	   Appointment of Academic Affairs Board of the Institute  
   40.	   Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau  
   41.	   Term of office &c, of members of the Bureau  
   42.	   Sri Lanka Convention Bureau  
   43.	   Board of Management of the Convention Bureau  
   44.	   Disqualifications  
   45.	   General-Manager of the Convention Bureau  
   46.	   Alternate members of the Board of Management of the Convention Bureau  
   47.	   Monies of the Bureau  
   48.	   Declaration and registration of Tourist Enterprises and Tourist Services  
   49.	   Powers of Minister to prescribe Codes of Conduct  
   50.	   Tourist Services and Tourist Enterprises to be categorized from time to time  
   51.	   Appeals  
   52.	   Symbol of the Authority  
   53.	   Price Regulation Order  
   54.	   Obligations upon the making of a Price Regulation Order  
   55.	   Payment of expenses incurred in suit or prosecution  
   56.	   No writ to lie against any member of the Authority  
   57.	   Instruments to be prima facie evidence  
   58.	   Authority to call for information  
   59.	   Authority may enter upon land & c,  
   60.	   Manner of service of notice &c,  
   61.	   Persons willing to be employed in travel or tourist services to be registered with the Authority  
   62.	   Power of Authority to make rules  
   63.	   Offences  
   64.	   Sanction of Authority to be obtained for prosecutions  
   65.	   Offences by body of persons  
   66.	   Compounding of offences  
   67.	   Repeal of the Ceylon Tourist Board Act, No. 10 of 1966  
   68.	   Amendment of Tourist Development Act, No. 14 of 1968  
   69.	   Regulations  
   70.	   Compulsory acquisition of land  
   71.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  

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