Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Tourist Development Act (No. 14 of 1968)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Compulsory acquisition of land  
   3.	   Special grant or lease of Crown land to the Board  
   4.	   Vesting of Crown land in the Board  
   5.	   Chairman may cause a survey and plan to be made of any Crown land  
   6.	   No compensation payable by the Board in respect of certain lands. Cap. 460  
   7.	   Power to vest administration, & c, of any part of the foreshore in the Board  
   8.	   Special powers relating to any part of the foreshore in respect of which an Order under section ? is for the time being in force  
   9.	   Vesting of resthouse in the Board  
   10.	   Special provisions in the case of certain  
   11.	   Eight of alienation of land held by the Board,  
   12.	   Conditions of alienation of land by the Board  
   13.	   Consequential provisions applicable in cases of alienation of land subject to a certain condition. Cap. 464  
   14.	   No compensation payable to alienee on revesting of land in the Board  
   15.	   Payments by the Board to approved credit agency on revesting of land  
   16.	   Power of the Board to enter and inspect certain lands  
   17.	   Cancellation or determination of instruments of alienation of land  
   18.	   Cancellation or determination of instrument of alienation of land and ejectment of occupants  
   19.	   No compensation or damages for loss incurred by reason of the cancellation or determination of any Instrument of alienation of any land  
   20.	   Application of this Chapter  
   21.	   Power of appropriate authority to investigate purpose to which loan is applied  
   22.	   Power of appropriate authority to require additional security or recall loan  
   23.	   Change of security  
   24.	   Mode of repayment of loans  
   25.	   Registered address of borrower & c  
   26.	   Service of notice on borrower  
   27.	   Priority of charge created by loan made by appropriate authority  
   28.	   Form of mortgage of land  
   29.	   Default of payment  
   30.	   Action by appropriate authority where default is made  
   31.	   Appointment of manager to take possession of mortgaged land  
   32.	   Procedure where manager is appointed  
   33.	   Authorization of sale of mortgaged land  
   34.	   Where borrower is dead  
   35.	   Notice of sale by public auction of land mortgaged to appropriate authority  
   36.	   Notice of sale  
   37.	   Payment before sale  
   38.	   Upset price  
   39.	   Default in respect of one of two loans on the same land  
   40.	   Recovery of expenses and costs incurred by the appropriate authority  
   41.	   Payment of balance of proceeds of sale after deduction of amount due to the appropriate authority  
   42.	   Certificate of sale  
   43.	   Order for delivery of possession  
   44.	   Cancellation of sale  
   45.	   Resale by appropriate authority  
   46.	   Appropriate authority not precluded from other methods of recovery  
   47.	   Procedure in ejectment of occupant & c, of land held by the Board. Gap. 454  
   48.	   Sections 120 to 127 of the Land Development Ordinance made applicable to ejectment of occupants, &c. Cap. 464  
   49.	   Loans and alienations of land for the benefit of citizens of Ceylon  
   50.	   Sections 46 and 47 of the Mortgage Act not to apply where land alienated by the Board is mortgaged to an approved credit agency Cap. 89  
   51.	   Provisions of Debt Conciliation Ordinance and of section 111A of Inland Revenue Act not to apply. Cap. 81  
   52.	   Regulations  
   53.	   Establishment of national holiday resort-  
   54.	   Administration, & c., of each national holiday resort vested in the Board  
   55.	   Functions of the Board in relation to each national holiday resort  
   56.	   Power of Minister to modify effect of certain written laws  
   57.	   A Resort Authority to be constituted for each national holiday resort  
   58.	   Resort Authority to act as agent of the Board  
   59.	   Special provisions applicable in case of Resort Authorities  
   60.	   Contracts by Resort Authority with Government departments, local authorities  
   61.	   Delegation of powers of Resort Authority to its officers  
   62.	   Power of Resort Authority to grant general authorities to its officers  
   63.	   Punishment for obstructing officers of Resort Authority  
   64.	   A Resort Authority and its officers and servants to be public servants. Cap. 19  
   65.	   Board may direct Resort Authority to prepare resort development plan  
   66.	   Draft resort development plan to be submitted to the Board and to the Minister  
   67.	   Provision with respect to land contiguous to a national holiday resort  
   68.	   Coming into operation of resort development plan  
   69.	   Direction to prepare a new resort development plan for* modification or revocation of an existing plan  
   70.	   Application for an Order for the revocation of any provision contained in a resort development plan  
   71.	   General provisions as to contents of resort development plan  
   72.	   Authority responsible for execution of resort development plan  
   73.	   Permits for execution, alteration, & c, of structures, and for execution of works •in connection with roads, and offences  
   74.	   Code for the protection of highways, & c  
   75.	   Crown land within any area declared to be a scenic reserve not to be alienated without the prior approval of the Minister  
   76.	   Provisions regarding prescription not to apply in certain cases. Cap. 68  
   77.	   Tourist Hotels Code  
   78.	   Travel Agents' Code  
   79.	   Tourist Guide Lecturers' Code  
   80.	   Specified Tourist Services Code  
   81.	   Specified tourist services  
   82.	   Different Codes may make different provisions  
   83.	   Order by Chairman fixing maximum prices, & c, in respect of tourist services  
   84.	   Revocation of price control Order  
   85.	   Duty of proprietor or manager of tourist services to maintain register of prices  
   86.	   Power to make regulations for the purposes of this Chapter  
   87.	   Offences against this Chapter or price control Orders  
   88.	   Effect of subsidiary written law  
   89.	   Special provisions relating to the Board  
   90.	   Power of Board to enter into contracts, & c  
   91.	   Power of Minister to make Orders  
   92.	   Rent Restriction Act not to apply within national holiday resorts or land alienated for the purpose of tourist development projects. Cap. 274  
   93.	   Exemption of Resort Authority from income tax  
   94.	   Protection for action taken & c, on the direction of the Board or any Resort Authority or any advisory body  
   95.	   No writ to issue against person or property of a member of the Board or any Resort Authority or advisory body  
   96.	   Regulations  
   97.	   Delegation of powers, & c, by the competent authority  
   98.	   Protection of public interests  
   99.	   Offences,  
   100.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   101.	   Power to compound offences  
   102.	   Effect of other laws  
   103.	   Interpretation  
   104.	   Application of the Guides Ordinance. Cap. 273  
   105.	   Special provisions in respect of certain past acquisitions, alienations, & c, of land  
   106.	   Amendment of the principal Act  

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