Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Transplantation Of Human Tissues Act (No. 48 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Donations to be taken effect upon death  
   3.	   How the consent for a donation effective upon death is to be given  
   4.	   Donees  
   5.	   Relatives of any deceased person who may give consent to remove the body or any part thereof or nay tissue of such deceased person  
   6.	   Donor may revoke the consent given for a donation effective upon death  
   7.	   Consent by adult living person for the removal during life of non-regenerative tissues for transplantation  
   8.	   Donation during life of re-generative tissues  
   9.	   Authority to remove the body or any part thereof or any tissue of a deceased person  
   10.	   Authority to remove the body, of tissue thereof of a person who dies in, or whose body has been brought into, a hospital  
   11.	   Authority to remove the body, any part or any tissue thereof of a prisoner who dies inside a prison  
   12.	   Power to authorize the removal of unclaimed bodies, for post-mortem examinations and anatomical research  
   13.	   Any human body, or part or tissue thereof not to use for other purpose than for which it is donated  
   14.	   Preservation of tissues  
   15.	   Meaning of death   
   16.	   Medical practitioner certifying death not to participate in transplantation  
   17.	   Any sale, dealing in or disposal of a body, or any part or tissue thereof prohibited  
   18.	   Disclosure of information  
   19.	   Nothing in this Act shall apply to inquiries held into deaths  
   20.	   Advisory Council  
   21.	   Duties of the Council  
   22.	   Regulations  
   23.	   Interpretation  

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