Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Turnover Tax (Amendment) Act (No. 46 of 1998)


           Long Title

   1.	   short title  
   2.	   Amendment of section 2 of Act No. 69 of 1981  
   3.	   Amendment of section 5 of the principal enactment,  
   4.	   Amendment of" section 12 of the principal enactment  
   5.	   Amendment of section 47 of the principal enactment  
   6.	   Amendment to section 48 of the principal enactment  
   7.	   Special provision relating to the tax rate on the business of import or manufacture of certain articles,  
   8.	   Exemption from turnover tax of the supply of certain services to business engaged in the export of garments  
   9.	   Retrospective effect  
   10.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of any inconsistency  

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