Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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University Of Ceylon Act (No. 1 of 1972)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Incorporation and general powers of the University of Ceylon  
   3.	   Seal of the University  
   4.	   Powers of the University  
   5.	   Employment and admission of non-citizens  
   6.	   The officers of the University  
   7.	   Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor  
   8.	   The President of a Campus, the Dean of a Faculty, the Registrar and the Treasurer of the University  
   9.	   The Authorities of the University  
   10.	   The Board of Governors  
   11.	   The constitution of the Board of Governors  
   12.	   Powers and duties of the Board of Governors  
   13.	   Inquiries  
   14.	   Orders and decisions to be authenticated by Vice-Chancellor, Registrar or authorized officer  
   15.	   The Senate  
   16.	   Powers and duties of the Senate  
   17.	   Boards of Study established by the Senate  
   18.	   Campuses of the University  
   19.	   The Campus Boards  
   20.	   Campus Committees and Libraries  
   21.	   A Faculty of the University  
   22.	   The Council of a Faculty  
   23.	   Powers of a Faculty Council  
   24.	   Departments and Schools  
   25.	   Powers and duties of a Departmental Committee  
   26.	   The Academic Committee of a Faculty  
   27.	   Constitution, powers and duties of other bodies  
   28.	   Conduct of elections to Authorities and other bodies  
   29.	   Act or proceeding of any Authority or body not invalidated by defect in constitution or procedure  
   30.	   Exclusion of students and others from special meetings  
   31.	   The Planning and Grants Committee  
   32.	   Holding of a Convocation of the University  
   33.	   The Students' Union of a Faculty of the University  
   34.	   Statutes  
   35.	   Ordinances  
   36.	   Rules by Authorities and other bodies of the University  
   37.	   Scheme of recruitment to the staff of University  
   38.	   Appointment of teachers  
   39.	   Appointments, other than those of teachers, to the staff of the University  
   40.	   Transfers and appeals  
   41.	   Appointment of public officers and Local Government officers to the staff of the University  
   42.	   Sections 67, 68 and 69 of the Ceylon University Ordinance (Chapter 186) deemed to be in force for certain purposes  
   43.	   Interpretation of this Part of this Act  
   44.	   Establishment of the provident fund  
   45.	   Statutes may be made for the regulation of the provident fund  
   46.	   Contributions to the provident fund  
   47.	   Payment out of the provident fund  
   48.	   Deductions prior to payment from the provident fund  
   49.	   Payments to the University  
   50.	   The University Fund  
   51.	   Payments to a Campus  
   52.	   Treasurer to keep accounts  
   53.	   Annual draft estimates and programme of expenditure  
   54.	   Annual draft estimates to be considered by the Minister  
   55.	   Board of Governors to prepare budget  
   56.	   Inclusion of appropriations in Appropriation Bill  
   57.	   Annual report  
   58.	   Supplementary estimates  
   59.	   Annual statement of accounts and statistics  
   60.	   Audit of accounts of the University  
   61.	   Auditor-General's report  
   62.	   Annual accounts and the Auditor-General's report to be transmitted to Minister  
   63.	   Certain provisions of Finance Act, No. 38 of 1971, to apply  
   64.	   Gifts, &c  
   65.	   Questions as to validity of elections, appointments, &c  
   66.	   Certain assets of members of the staff of the University exempt from seizure in execution  
   67.	   Media of instruction  
   68.	   Radius of a Seat of a Campus of the University  
   69.	   Members of staff deemed to be public servants, and the University a scheduled institution under the Bribery Act  
   70.	   No person or body other than the University to grant or confer degrees  
   71.	   Returns and information  
   72.	   Restrictions on the use of the word " University "  
   73.	   Minister's powers  
   74.	   Minister may make regulations  
   75.	   Approved institutions  
   76.	   External examinations  
   77.	   Transfer of other institutions to the University  
   78.	   Application of Chapter 268 to areas within the precincts or in proximity to the precincts of the University  
   79.	   Repeal of Act No. 20 of 1966  
   80.	   Certain provisions applicable upon the repeal of the Higher Education Act  
   81.	   Effect of an old University becoming a section of the University  
   82.	   Cessation of office of employees of an old University  
   83.	   Transfer of property of the Ceylon College of Technology  
   84.	   Transfer of staff of the Ceylon College of Technology  
   85.	   Special provisions pending the establishment of a University under this Act  
   86.	   Removal of difficulties  
   87.	   Interpretation  

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