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Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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[Article 270-A(6)]

Laws to be amended in the manner provided for amendment of the Constitution

[This schedule was added by Section 20 of the Eighth Amendment Act (1985)]

Presidents Orders

1. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Trust and Peoples Foundation Trust (Renaming and Administration) Order, 1978 (P. O. No. 4 of 1978).

2. The Cantonments (Urban Immovable Property Tax and Entertainment Duty) Order, 1979 (P. O. No. 13 of 1979).

3. The Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority Order, 1980 (P. O. No. 7 of 1980).

4. The Foreign Currency Loans (Rate of Exchange) Order, 1982 (P. O. No. 3 of 1982).

5. The Establishment of the office of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) Order, 1983 (P. O. No. 1 of 1983).

6. The Aga Khan University Order, 1983 (P. O. No. 3 of 1983).

7. The National College of Textile Engineering (Governing Body and Cess) Order, 1983 (P. O. No. 11 of 1983).

8. The Lahore University of Management Sciences Order, 1985 (P. O. No. 25 of 1985).


1. The International Islamic University Ordinance, 1985 (XXX of 1985).

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