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                       LAWS OF SEYCHELLES












                           CHAPTER 53









                      REVISED EDITION 1991




                                                    CHAPTER 53


                                    COURT FEES (SUPREME COURT)                                           AND COST ACT           Act 8 of 1914

                                                                                                   Act 6 of 1921

Act 3 of 1959

                                                     [7th March, 1964]                   Act 17 of 1969

S.I. 59 of 1975

                                                                                                   S.I. 95 of 1975

                           ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS                       S.I. 72 of 1976

                                                                                                   Act 23 of 1976

                                                                                                   S.I. 7 of 1980

S.I. 37 of 1990

SECTION                                                                                    S.I. 38 of 1990

1.            Short title.

2.            Definitions.

                                                         PART I


                   Fees to be taken in the Supreme Court in its Civil Jurisdiction


3.            Fees to be taken.

4.            Power to alter or add to Schedule.


                                                        PART II


                  Taxation of Costs in the Supreme Court in its Civil Jurisdiction


5.            Registrar to be Taxing Master.

6.            Fees to be allowed on taxation.

7.            Discretionary power of court as regards costs.

8.            Taxation of bill of Costs ‑ When judgment creditor may apply.

9.            When an attorney may apply.

10.          Application to tax bill.

11.          Taxing Master to fix date for taxation.

12.          When taxing master may proceed ex‑parte.

13.          Procedure on taxation.

14.          Costs of taxation when one‑sixth of bill disallowed.

15.          Excessive number of witnesses, costs may be disallowed.

16.          Review of taxation by Judge.

17.          Taxation of agreements between attorneys and clients.

18.          Agreement to exclude any further claim for costs.

19.          Void agreements.

20.          Change of Attorney, taxation of agreement.

21.          Costs of the Republic.

22.          Chief Justice may frame further schedules and rules.



Short title.            1.       This Act may be cited as the Court Fees (Supreme Court)

3/23/1976.           and Costs Act.


Definitions.          2.       In this Act unless the context otherwise requires ‑


"Registrar" means the Registrar of the Supreme Court, and includes the Assistant Registrar in the absence of the Registrar;


"cause" shall include any action, suit or other original proceedings in the Supreme Court between a plaintiff and a defendant;


"matter" shall include every proceeding in the Supreme Court not in a cause;




"counsel" includes any barrister‑at‑law, attorney or advocate whose name is on the roll of members of the legal profession admitted to practice in Seychelles;


"attorney" means an attorney‑at‑law and includes a barrister or advocate when acting as an attorney‑at‑law;


"judgment creditor" means a party to a cause or matter in whose favour a judgment or order of the court has been given;


"judgment debtor" means a party to a cause or matter against whom a judgment or order of the court has been given.


                                                         PART I

                                                   Fees to be taken


Fees to be            3.       The several fees specified in the first schedule hereto

taken.                  (including *usher's fees) shall be payable in the office of the

6/3/1959.             Registrar on proceedings in the Supreme Court, or before a Judge in chambers or the president of the family council as the case may be.  A table of the aforesaid fees shall be posted in a conspicious place in the Court House and in the office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court, and such fees shall be paid in the first instance by the party on whose behalf such proceeding is to be taken, on or before such proceeding.


Power to              4.       It shall be lawful for the Chief Justice, subject to the

alter or add           approval of the Minister responsible for finance, from time to

to schedule.          time to alter, amend or add to the fees contained in the said

S.I. 95/1975.        schedule.


*See section 23(3) of the Courts Act.


2/17/1969                                   Taxation of Costs


Registrar to          5.       The Registrar shall be the taxing master and shall tax in

be taxing              manner hereinafter provided by this Act, all bills of  costs ‑


3/17/1979                      (a)     between party and party in a cause or matter;


(b)    between attorney and client for work done in a cause or matter;


(c)    between attorney and clien for work done other than in a cause or matter; and


(d)    counsel's fees.


Fees to be            6.       Counsel's fees and attorneys' bills of costs shall,

allowed on           subject to the provisions of section 17, be taxed in

taxation.               accordance with the provisions of this Act and of the second

4/17/1969            schedule hereto and no counsel, attorney or party shall be entitled to recover any larger sum by way of fees or costs than that allowed on taxation except, that in the case of an agreement enforceable under the provisions of section 17, an attorney shall be entitled to recover from a person liable thereunder the amount payable by that person under the terms thereof adjusted where necessary pursuant to review under subsections (3) and (4) of section 17.


Discretionary        7.       Nothing in this Act shall detract from the discretionary

power of court     power of the court to grant or disallow costs in causes or

as regards            matters or to grant costs only on the amount awarded by the

costs.                  judgment of the court, or to apportion the costs as the court may deem fit.

Taxation of          8.       A judgment creditor may apply to the taxing master to

bill of Costs;         have his bill of costs taxed, if the judgment debtor fail to

When judgment    pay the amount of such bill withing twenty‑four hours after

creditor may         due delivery of the bill and demand for payment made, unless

apply.                  the judgment debtor has admitted in writing owing the amount of such bill.


When an              9.       An attorney who has done work for a client in a cause or

attorney may        matter or otherwise may apply to the taxing master to have his

apply.                  bills of costs for such work taxed, if the client fail to pay

5/17/1969.           the amount of such bill within twenty‑four hours after due delivery of the bill and demand for payment made; and except as provided in section 17 no attorney shall sue a client for the recovery of his costs until after his bill of costs has been taxed.


Application           10.     Every application to tax a bill of costs shall be in

to tax bill.             writing signed by the applicant or his attorney, if any and shall be accompanied by one copy of the bill to be taxed and a certified copy of the letter of demand.  Such application shal be brought by the applicant or his attorney to the taxing master who must satisfy himself that service of the bill and letter of demand was duly made.  In every bill of costs the professional charges shall be entered in a separate column from the disbursements and every column shall be cast before the bill is brought for taxation.


Taxing Master      11.     The taxing master on receipt of such application shall fix a

to fix date            date and time for the taxation and shall give a note thereof

for taxation.         to the applicant and shall notify the adverse party in writing by a registered letter sent through the post, or in such other manner as the taxing master shall direct, of the time and date fixed for the taxation:


Provided that it shall not be necessary for the taxing master to give such notice as aforesaid, when the bill to be taxed is for work done in a cause or matter and the adverse party has not appeared at the hearing of such cause or matter.


When taxing         12.     If either the applicant for the taxation or the adverse party

master may          fail to attend before the taxing master at the time fixed for the

proceed               taxation, after due notice thereof and without sufficient excuse,

ex‑parte.              the taxing master may tax the bill  ex‑parte.


Procedure on        13.     The taxing master shall retain one copy of every bill of

taxation.               costs brought to him for taxation, and, if the taxation is for work done in a cause or matter, he shall attach such copy to the record of the case.  He shall strike out all items disallowed and, if less than the amount of any item claimed is allowed he shall note on the bill the diffence not allowed; he shall certify at the foot of the bill over his signature the total amount allowed and the date of taxation.  The taxing master shall not allow any claims for disburdenments unless receipts for the amounts disbursed are produced to him, or, if it be impossible or highly inconvenient to obtain receipts, unless he is satisfied by affidavit or otherwise that the disbursements have been made, and in every case that such disbursements were necessary.


Costs of               14.     If a bill of costs when taxed be less by a sixth part

taxation when       than the bill delivered, then the judgment creditor or the

one‑sixth of          attorney by whom the application to tax the bill was made,

bill dis‑                shall not be allowed the costs of the taxation.



Excessive             15.     If the taxing master be of opinion that more witnesses

number of            have been summoned for the purpose of proving any particular

witnesses,            fact or facts than the circumstances of the case required, he

costs may be        may disallow the costs of such witnesses.



Review of            16.     Any party to a cause or matter and any attorney or client

taxation by           who is dissatisfied with the taxation of the taxing master may

Judge.                 apply by petition to a Judge to review such taxation and the Judge

6/3/1959.             on receipt of such application shall fix a date for reviewing the taxation in his chambers.  The Registrar shall give a note of the date and time so fixed to the applicant and shall send to the adverse party or person notice thereof by a registered letter sent through the post, or in such other manner as the Judge may direct.  If any party to whom notice has been duly given fail without sufficient excuse to attend at the time fixed by such notice, the Judge may review the taxation in the absence of such party.  The Judge after hearing the parties attending shall either confirm the taxation of the taxing master or shall alter it as he may consider fit.  The decision of the Judge shall be final and not subject to appeal.


Taxation of          17(1)  Notwithstanding any provision of this Act, an attorney may

agreements           make an agreement in writing with his client respecting the amount

between               and manner of payment for the whole or any part of any past or

attorneys and        future services, fees, charges or disbursements, including coun‑

clients.                 sel's fees, in respect of work done or to be done by such attorney,

6/17/1969.           either by a gross sum, or by commission or percentage, or by salary or otherwise and either at the same rate as, or at a greater or less rate than, the rate at which he would otherwise be entitled to be remunerated.


 (2)    No such agreement that provides for remuneration at a rate, or in a manner, which either generally or in respect of any item, is different from that at or in which the attorney would otherwise be entitled to be remunerated, shall be enforceable or upheld on taxation, unless ‑


(a)     it is in writing, dated, and authenticated by signature, mark or other sign by, or on behalf of, the client and any other person liable to make payment thereunder; and


(b)    the attorney has lodged an authenticated copy of such agreement in the chambers of the Chief Justice, and, in the case of any agreement in this paragraph hereinafter mentioned, has so lodged such copy within fourteen days of the authentication thereof ‑ that is to say any such agreement which concern work done or to be done ‑


(i)    in respect of any cause, matter or proceeding of any kind in any court, whether or not such cause, matter or proceeding is actually commenced; or


(ii)    for a minor or an interdicted person; or


(iii)   payment for which may fall to be made by a minor or an interdicted person, or out of any moneys (including the proceeds of any litigation) in which a minor or an interdicted person has any interest.


 (3)    The Chief Justice may of his own motion, and shall upon the petition of any party to any agreement the making of which is authorised by subsection (1) of this section, at any time order that such agreement be reviewed by a Judge and thereupon the provisions of such agreement shall be reviewed by a Judge in the same manner, and in accordance with the same procedure, as a taxation may be reviewed under the provisions of section 16 except that no petition, or further petition, as the case may be, shall be required.


 (4)    Upon such review, a Judge may ‑


(a)     if of opinion that the agreement is in all respects fair and reasonable having regard to all relevant circumstances, including those existing at the time at which it was made, refuse to review the agreement;


(b)    if of opinion that the agreement is in any respect unfair or unreasonable, either vary any part of the agreement in such manner as the Judge may see fit and order the amount payable thereunder to be adjusted accordingly, or declare it to be void, and may order the costs covered thereby to be taxed as if the agreement had never been made.


 (5)    If the provisions of subsection (2) have been complied with in respect of any agreement referred to in subsection (1), such agreement shall, subject to review as provided for in subsection (3) of this section, be enforceable as if any amount payable in terms thereof (adjusted where necessary pursuant to review in manner aforesaid) were the amount owing under a bill of costs which has been duly taxed in accordance with the provisions of this Act, provided that, if the party sought to be made liable disputes the amount payable, the court before which it is sought to enforce such agreement, shall, if there has been no such review as aforesaid, inform such party of his right to petition for a review and, if such party signifies his intention of so petitioning, afford him a reasonable opportunity for so doing and obtaining a decision on such petition before pronouncing judgment on the claim.


Agreement to        18.     Such an agreement shall be deemed to exclude any further

exclude any          claim of the attorney beyond the terms of the agreement in

further claim        respect of any services, fees, charges or disbursements in

for costs.             relation to the conduct and completion of the work in reference to which the agreement is made, unless any such services, fees, charges or disbursements are expressly excepted by the agreement.


Void                    19.     Any provisions or conditions in any such agreement with

agreements.          respect to any purchase by an attorney of the interest, or any part of the interest of his client in any suit or other contentious proceeding to be brought or maintained or whereby the attorney may be relieved from any responsibility to which he would otherwise be subject as such attorney shall be null and void.


Change of            20.     If after any agreement as aforesaid shall have been made, the

Attorney,             client shall change his attorney before the conclusion of the work

taxation of            to which such agreement shall relate (which he shall be at liberty

agreement.           to do notwithstanding such agreement) the attorney, party to such

6/3/1959.             agreement, shall no longer be entitled to act under such agreement, but he may apply by petition to a Judge in chambers to tax such agreement and upon such taxation, the attorney shall not be deemed entitled to the full amount of the remuneration agreed to be paid to him, unless it shall appear that there has been no default, negligence, improper delay or other conduct on his part affording reasonable ground to the client for such change of attorney, and the Judge shall decide having regard to all the circumstances under which the change of attorney has taken place, how such attorney is entitled to be paid.  The decision of the Judge shall be final and not subject to appeal.


Costs of the         21(1)  The Republic shall be entitled to have and to recover

Republic.             costs and costs may be given and recovered against the

S.I. 72/1976.        Republic in all causes and matters of the Supreme Court, to the like extent and in the same manner as costs may be had and recovered by and against any other party.


 (2)    Such costs shall include counsel's fees when the Attorney General or any barrister has appeared as counsel on behalf of the Republic.


 (3)    All costs awarded to the Republic may be recovered by the Attorney General and shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund and form part of revenue of the Republic of Seychelles.


Chief Justice        22.     The Chief Justice may, with the approval of the Minister

may frame           responsible for finance, alter, amend or add to the fees

further                 contained in the second schedule and may also with the like

schedules and       approval make rules for more effectually carrying out the

rules.                   purposes and provisions of this Part.


S.I. 95/1975.

S.I 59/1975                               FIRST SCHEDULE

S.I 37/1990                                      (Section 3)


Fees to be taken in the office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court (Civil Side) under section 3.


In any case where no fee has been provided under a particular heading, the fee prescribed for the corresponding item under the general heading shall be payable.


In addition to the fees hereinafter prescribed, the court may allow fees to interpreters, costs of conveyance and such other necessary incidental expenses as the circumstances of the case may require.

                                                      PART I




1.        Where, on entering plaint, the value of the claim or demand


(a)          does not exceed R.10,000 ‑                           R.500


(b)         exceeds R.10,000 but does                            Additional

not exceed R.5000            ‑                          1% on surplus


(c)         exceeds R.50,000             ‑                          Additional

1/2% on surplus


In all cases the value of the property

involved and the amount of damages claimed                           R.500 to

shall be stated in the plaint but where, from R.1250 at

the nature of the claim or demand, the value                            the

cannot be ascertained                                                            discretion

of the



2.        On filing a petition for divorce or

separation ‑ (where damages are claimed

against any co‑respondent, an

additional fee in accordance with

item 1)                                                                      R.500


3.        Where an injunction or other judicial

relief is sought in addition to

damages, an extra fee of                                             R.65



4.        On issuing summons to be served with,

plaint, for each party summoned                                  R.15


5.        On issuing writ of execution, or any

other writ on the issue of which no

separate court fee is payable                                        R.65


6.        On issuing order for attachment, warrant

or other order on the issue of which no

separate fee is payable                                                R.65


7.        On filing any petition, motion or

application originating proceedings

on the filing or which no other

fee is payable                                                             R.250


8.        On filing any other petition, motion or

application to be heard before the court

on the filing of which no other fee is

payable                                                                     R.125


9.        on filing any petition or application to

a Judge in Chambers                                                  R.65


10.      On filing an ex parte petition, motion

or application not originating

proceedings                                                               R.65


11.      On filing petition for unsatisfied

judgment          R.125


12.      on issue of summon to give personal

answers                                                                    R.30

13.      On issue of summons to judgment debtor                     R.65


14.      On issue of summons of garnishee                              R.30


15.      On issue of summons to show cause                           R.65


16.      On filing application for interpleader

summons                                                                  R.30


17.      On issue of interpleader summons, for

each party summoned                                                R.15


18.      On summons to witness, for each

witness                                                                     R.15


19.      On attendance of any officer of the

court to produce records or documents

to be given in evidence                                               R.65


20.      On issue of any summons for the issue

of which no separate fee is payable                              R.30


21.      On order amending any pleadings                                R.65


22.      On sealing commission to take evidence


(1)         out of the jurisdiction                                    R.125

(2)         within the jurisdiction                                    R. 65


23.      On drawing up any order, decree,

judgment, warrant, memorandum or notice

or any other document for the drawing

up of which no separate fee is payable                         R. 65

24.      On taking any bond, recognisance or

security for the taking of which no

separate fee is payable                                                R.65


25.      On holding any enquiry ordered to be

made or taking any account by an officer

of the court for each day or part

thereof (including report)                                            R.125


26.      On hearing of every plaint or other

original proceeding before the court,

for each day or part thereof (to be

paid before the hearing by the party

originating the proceedings):                                        R.200


Provided that, when judgment is

admitted no hearing fee shall be charged


27.      On every adjournment of the hearing of a

cause or matter at the request of either

party where no hearing fee has become

payable:                                                                    R.65


Provided that, for extraordinary cause

beyond the control of any party

requesting the adjournment, the court may

exempt such party from payment of this



28.      On hearing before the court of ex parte

petitions, motions or applications or where

an order is made by consent                                        R.65


29.      On moving the Court for judgment or

making any incidental applications to the

court or a Judge for which no separate

fee is payable                                                             R.65


30.      On sealing any document with the embossed

seal of the court, unless otherwise

provided           R.30


31.      On every certificate, including drawing

same                                                                        R.65


32.      On taking any affidavit, affirmation,

declaration, etc., for use in a proceeding

before the court or a Judge in Chambers,

for each deponent                                                      R.15


33.      For any  other purpose, for each deponent                    R.15


34.      On making any exhibit referred to therein                     R.10


35.      On filing, or taking off the file, any

document for the filing or taking off

of which no separate fee is payable                              R.15


36.      On every visa of a legal document                               R.15


37.      On every search in any book or records


(1)         for the first hour or part thereof                     R.15


(2)         for each subsequent hour or part

thereof                                                        R.20

38.      On every extract made by a party searching                  R.15


39.      On entering any final judgment or order

in any cause, matter or suit                                         R.30


40.      On entering any other judgment or order                      R.25


41.      On entering withdrawal of action upon

the record                                                                 R.25


42.      In the case of money paid into court, on

the same being paid out ‑


(a)          when amount exceeds R.25 but does

not exceed R.100                                         R.15


(b)         when amount exceeds R.100                            5%


43.      On office copy of any document, record,

evidence or other proceeding for every

thirty lines or fractional part thereof                             R.15


44.      On taking down evidence of witnesses in

non‑appealable cases, when required

by either party, for every thirty lines

or fractional part thereof                                             R.10


45.      On filing petition or application for the

appointment of an expert, appraiser,

notary, surveyor, etc.                                                 R.30


46.      On filing petition for the authorisation

of the marriage of a minor                                          R.15

47.      On filing petition for amendment of

acts of civil status                                                      R.30


48.      On taking acception or renunciation to

succession and acts of similar nature                           R.30


49.      On every act of emancipation of a minor                      R.30


50.      On registering instruments of partnership

and acts of a similar nature for every

thirty lines or fractional part

thereof                                                                      R.15


51.      For posting up every such instrument or

act                                                                           R.15


52       (1)         on deposit of will                                          R.30


(2)         on endorsing will (including

envelope)                                                     R.50


(3)         on drawing up memorandum of deposit

and endorsement                                          R.65


53       On reference of a case to arbitration                            R.65


54.      On entry of any caveat, opposition

to the fixing or breaking of seals or

special defence  R.65




55.      On filing notice of appeal                                            R.250

56.      On taking recognizance of appellant                             125


57.      On setting record of appeal                                         125


58.      On typing record of appeal, for every

thirty lines or fractional part

thereof, in respect of each copy

required                                                                    R.15


59.      On sealing and certifying record of

appeal                                                                       R.65


                                              JUDICIAL SALES


60.      On filing every petition or application

(unless the fee prescribed under item

70 is payable)                                                            R.65


61.      On filing memorandum of charges                               R.65


62.      On considering each production                                  R.65


63.      On drawing provisional scheme of

distribution                                                                R.125


64.      On closing provisional scheme


(a)          if not objected to                                          R.65


(b)         if objection made                                          R.125


65.      On drawing final judgment and copy                            R.65


66.      On drawing notice of posting up

(with copy)                                                               R.25


67.      On every certificate of Registrar                                  R.65


68.      On each warrant for payment                                      R.65


69.      On conduct of sale before the Court

where the sale price, or if no sale

results, the mise à prix                                               


(a)          does not exceed R.10,000                             R.65

(b)         exceeds R.10,000 but does not

exceed R.30,000                                          R.125

(c)         exceeds R.30,000                                         R.150


70.      On hearing any question of amendment

of the conditions of sale and for

making amendment if ordered                                     R.100


71.      On a declaration de command                                     R.125


72.      On each surenchère                                                   R.125


73.      On all moneys received or paid or

distributed by the Court                                                 5%




74.      On filing any petition for partition,

whether or not proceedings for sale

by licitation are pending                                              R.200




75.      On filing bankruptcy petition                                       R.250


76.      On order of adjudication                                             R.65


77.      On filing declaration of insolvency                               R.30


78.      On issue of search warrant, warrant of

arrest or commitment or other warrant                         R.65


79.      On examination of bankrupt before the

court (no other hearing fee to be

charged)           R.250


80.      On appointment of public sitting for

audit or dividend (including hearing)                             R.65


81.      On every application or petition on

which no other fee is payable                                      R.65


82.      On grant of certificate of conformity

(including seal of court)                                              R.65


83.      On moving for composition after

bankruptcy                                                                R.250


84.      On filing petition by trader for

arrangement                                                              R.65


                                  TAXATION OF BILLS OF COSTS


85.      On taking bill of costs on taxed amount of

whole bill                                                                  3%


86.      On filing notice of appeal from

taxation                                                                     R.65


87.      On hearing appeal from taxation                                  R.65


                                                      PART II


                                                USHER'S FESS


88.      For calling any cause                                                  R.10


89.      For serving any summons, warrant, subpoena

notice or other document


(a)          within two miles of the Court

House R.15


(b)         above two miles, for every extra

mile (to be charged both ways):                     R.10


Provided that, for service in Praslin or

la Digue, a fixed fee of R.150 will be



90.      For each person to be served                                      R.15



91.      For posting up each notice not

exceeding three R.15


92.      For conveying any person committed

to prison           R.65


93.      For calling and taking bids on sale

of immovable property before the Court

when the sale price, or if no sale results,

the mise à prix ‑


(a)          does not exceed R.10,000                             R.65


(b)         exceeds R.10,000 but does not

exceed R.30,000                                          R.125


(c)         exceeds R.30,000                                         R.250


                                SEIZURE OF MOVABLE PROPERTY


94.      For every execution of a judgment, order

or warrant against goods, including

memorandum of seizure ‑


(a)          within two miles of the Court                        R.65



(b)         above two miles for every extra mile

(to be charged one way only):                        R.15


Provided that, for execution in Praslin

and La Digue, a fixed fee of R.150

will be payable

95.      On making inventory, per hour or part

thereof                                                                      R.20


96.      Attendance to deposit money                                       R.20


97.      Return of examination of goods                                   R.125


98.      Return of money deposited                                         R.20


99.      Return of nulla bona                                                   R.20


100.    Drawing notice of sale to be posted                             R.20


101.    Each copy of notice                                                   R.10


102.    Return of posting up notice                                         R.20


103.    Posting up each notice                                                R.15


104.    Attendance at Printing Office to

deposit notice for insertion                                          R.15


105.    Attendance at sale for each hour or

part thereof                                                               R.20


106.    Attendance to deposit proceeds of sale                         R.20


107.    On amount of proceeds of sale                                      3%


108.    For the person in custody of goods seized

per diem (including night)                                           R.65



(To meet this charge, the execution

creditor shall deposit R.150 with the

Registrar before appointment of custodian

and a further R.350 every seven days

after first deposit until goods sold or



109.    For crier and bell ringing per diem                               R.30


110.    For each witness to seizure                                         R.20


In addition there shall be paid by the

execution creditor in advance, and

allowed as costs of execution, all

reasonable expenses for the removal of

goods seized and other expenses incidental

to such seizure.


                              SEIZURE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTY


111.    Return of seizure of immovable property


(a)          for first three hours                                      R.125


(b)         every subsequent hour                                  R.20


112.    Declaration of seizure to execution

debtor                                                                       R.20


113.    Copy of Memorandum of tenders                                R.20






114.    Memorandum of tenders made                                    R.35


115.    Copy of memorandum referred to in item 114               R.20


116.    Return of amount or object tendered                            R.35


117.    Copy of return referred to in item 116                          R.20




118.    Original of protest and copies                                      R.65




119.    Visa of any act  R.20


120.    Attendance at Registration Office                                 R.20


                                          GENERAL PROVISION


121.    Drawing documents for every thirty

lines or fractional part thereof                                      R.20


122.    Mileage per mile (to be charged one

way only)                                                                 R.10

In any special case the Court may allow

such fee as may be deemed fair and





                                                     PART III


                          ATTENDANCE OF COURT OR REGISTRAR

                                    OUTSIDE THE COURT HOUSE


123.    On attendance of Court (including attendance

of Registrar or his deputy) where

necessary at any place outside the Court House ‑


(a)     within Victoria, the actual cost of

conveyance plus per day or part thereof              R.125


(b)     outside Victoria, the actual cost

of conveyance plus per day or part

thereof                                                             R.200


124.    On attendance of Registrar of his deputy ‑


(a)     within Victoria, the  actual cost

of conveyance plus per day or

part thereof                                                      R.65


(B)     outside Victoria, the actual cost

of conveyance plus, per mile or

part thereof                                                      R.15


124.    On attendance of Registrar or his deputy

at the Registration Office                                            R.15


When the Court or a Judge or the Registrar or his deputy is required to travel outside Victoria, there shall be paid in addition to any other fee payable any amount payable under Public Service Orders for refund of accommodation, subsistence or travelling expenses.

S.I 38/1990                             SECOND SCHEDULE




                               PART I ‑ PARTY AND PARTY COSTS


                                                Attorney's Costs


1.        Instructions to sue or defend any cause

or matter before the Supreme Court not

elsewhere provided for, including letter

before action, when the value of the

subject in litigation or of the claim

or demand


(a)     does not exceed R.10,000                                  R.200


(b)     exceeds R.10,000 but does not

exceed R.30,000                                               R.300


(c)     exceeds R.30,000 but does not

exceed R.50,000                                               R.400


(d)     exceeds R.50,000                                             R.500


When the value is not determined, the

fee for instruction shall be chargeable

according to one of the above scales to be

fixed by the Court or the Taxing Master.


2.        Instructions to appeal from any

interlocutory or final order or

judgment                                                                   R.150

3.        Instructions to appeal from any order

or judgment given in the Magistrates'

Court               R.100


Items 1,2 and 3 are intended to cover

the doing of any work for which no specific

provision is made elsewhere, necessarily or

properly done in preparing for a trial,

hearing or appeal, or before a settlement

of the matter in dispute, including ‑


(a)     taking instructions to sue, defend,

or appeal or for any pleading,

particular of pleading or affivadit

or matter referred to the Registrar;


(b)     considering the facts and law;


(c)     attending on and corresponding

with client;


(d)     arranging to obtain reports or advice

from experts and plans, photographs

and models;


(e)     making search in public records or

elsewhere for relevant documents;


(f)     inspecting any property or place

material to the proceedings;


(g)     perusing pleading, affidavits and other

relevant documents;

(h)     where the cause or matter does not

proceed to trial or hearing, work

done in connexion with the negotiation

of a settlement; and


(i)      the general care and conduct of the



The amount to be allowed under titles 1,2

and 3 may be increased in appropriate cases

in accordance with the order or certificate

of the Court or a Judge.


4.        Preparing a notice (mise en demeure) when

necessary                                                                  R.40


5.        Drawing any plaint, statement of defence,

petition, answers, reply or summons to

show cause not elsewhere provided for

every 30 lines or part thereof                                       R.50


6.        Every other pleading (tender of

inspection, notice to produce documents

etc.) not elsewhere provided for, for

every 30 lines or part thereof                                       R.25


7.        Praecipe to summon witnesses or a

party on personal answer                                            R.15


8.        For copy of document, for every 30

lines or part thereof                                                    R. 5


9.        For a carbon copy                                                     R. 5

10.      Drawing any affidavit, affirmation,

declaration, etc for use in proceedings

before the Supreme Court or in

Chambers, for every 30 lines or part

thereof                                                                      R.15


11.      Drawing notice of denunciation or

other notices, for every 30 lines or

part thereof                                                               R.15


12.      Drawing application to Court not else‑

where provided for, for every 30 lines

or part thereof                                                           R.15


13.      Drawing issue for trial of facts by

agreement, for every 30 lines or part

thereof                                                                      R.10


14.      Drawing brief (to be allowed only when

attorney briefs separate counsel), for

every 30 lines or part thereof                                       R.10


15.      Conference with witness, other than

instructing clients, and recording

evidence of witnesses, etc. for every

30 lines or part thereof (with a

minimum of R.10 per each witness)                             R.10

16.      Attendence in Court when matter is

called but no hearing takes place, if

attorney does not appear as counsel                             R.30




17.      Attendance in Court during trial of a

cause or matter, if attorney does not

appear as counsel R.50 per hour

not to exceed per diem                                               R.300


18.      Attending in Court when reserved judgment

is delivered, if attorney does not appear

as counsel                                                                 R.35


19.      Conference with counsel when necessary,

R.25 per hour or part thereof but not

to exceed per diem                                                     R. 150


20.      Copy of bill of costs to opposite party,

per lines or part thereof                                              R.10


21.      Conference with adverse attorney, when

necessary, per hour                                                    R.35


                          Costs before the Judge in chambers and before

                                                   the Registrar


22.      Ordinary attendance in Chambers, not to

exceed                                                                      R.30


23.      Attendance on a contested application,

R.50 per hour not to exceed                                        R.300


24.      Attendance to swear affidavit                                      R.15


25.      Attendance at taxation of bill of costs

before the Taxing Master                                            R.30


If long in the taxing Master's

discretion not to exceed                                              R.45


26.      Attendance before the Judge in appeal

from taxation    R.75


27.      In undefended causes or matters, and

any defended cause in which judgment

is given without a contested hearing,

at the discretion of the Taxing Master

from R.100 to   R.500


28.      In defended causes in which there is a

contested hearing ‑


(a)     for the first day or part thereof                           R.700


(b)     for each subsequent day or part

thereof    R.500


29.      In ordinary motions and applications for

unsatisfied judgments before the

Supreme Court, at the discretion of the

Taxing Master ‑ from R.75 to                                     R.500


30.      In contested motions before the Supreme

Court and in appeals from the Magistrates'

Court, per day or part thereof when case

taken                                                                        R.500


31.      (a)     On any adjournment when case not

taken                                                               R.100


(b)     for attendance when judgment is

delivered on a future day after

consideration                                                    R.100


32.      In any case where Counsel attend at

Chambers, no further costs for such

attendance shall be allowed, as between

party and party, than the sum that

would be allowed, for the attendance

of an attorney, unless the Judge shall

certify for such further allowance


The same rule shall apply to attendance

before the Registrar except where he shall,

in his discretion, think fit to certify

for allowance as for counsel.


33.      For appearance before any Arbitrator,

Commissioner or Referee, when

necessary, at the discretion of the

Taxing Master, per day from                                       R.200 toR.750


34.      For settling special affidavit, in any

case in which the Taxing Master may

consider the assistance of counsel

to be absolutely required                                             R.75


35.      For drawing or settling grounds of appeal

at the discretion of the Taxing Master                          from R.200 toR.600


36.      For consultation :



(a)     when the matter at issue does not

exceed R.10,000 in value, from                          R.100 toR.500



(b)     when it exceeds R.10,000 but does

not exceed R.30,000 from R.300 to                    R.500


(c)     when it exceeds R.30,000 but does

not exceed R.50,000, from R.450 to                   R.800


(d)     when it exceeds R.50,000                                  R.1000


(e)     when the value of the matter at

issue is not determined, the fee

shall be chargeable according to

to one of the above scales at the

discretion of the Taxing Master,

but in no case shall exceed R.750.


When the attorney on the record,

being himself a barrister or

admitted to practice as such,

has himself performed the

functions of counsel, he may be

allowed fees to counsel.


                            PART II ‑ COSTS AS BETWEEN ATTORNEY

                                                    AND CLIENT


                                           Sales by Licitation or Levy


(A)      Where the property has not been sold before

the Court.

1.      Instructions                                                      R.100


2.      Drawing petitions, affidavit,

or other necessary document

for, every 10 line or part

thereof    R.10


3.      Drawing particulars of sale

(memorandum of charges) at

the discretion of the Taxing

Master from R.200 to                                        R.500


4.      Drawing notice for Government

Gazette                                                            R.25


5.      Drawing notice for local

newspaper                                                       R.25


6.      Drawing notice for placards                               R.25


7.      Attendance at reading of

memorandum of charges

(Cashier des Charges)                                       R.75


8.      Attendance in Court on objections                       R.100


9.      Attendance to require certificate

that purchase has not complied with

the conditions of sale

(Folle Enchère)                                                 R.25


10.     Any other necessary attendance                          R.25


11.     Perusal of any necessary document,

for every 30 lines or part thereof                        R.10


12.     Drawing petition praying for a

subrogation                                                      R.50


13.     Copies of petition including

Judge's order                                                    R.15


14.     Petition to withdraw from

intended sale any object or

property comprised in the seizure

(Demande en Distraction)                                  R.50


15.     Copies of petition referred to

in item 14  with Judge's order

For each copy                                                  R.15


16.     Petition setting forth alleged

grounds of nullity in the

proceedings by levy                                          R.50


Before admitting any party to proceed in

his alleged grounds of nullity he shall,

if required by the Judge, be bound to

furnish security for the costs of such

proceedings and in no case shall the

costs of either party fall upon the estate.


When the valuation or reserved price (mise

à prix) of the property to be sold does

not exceed R.10,000 only two‑thirds of the

above costs will be allowed.

When an attorney is substituted by another

before the sale takes place, each attorney

will be allowed fees in accordance with the

foregoing scale in respect of the work done

by that attorney.


(B)      When the property is actually sold in Court,

the attorney prosecuting the sale shall not

be allowed any of the above fees, but he shall

only be entitled to claim the fees allowed by

Cap 94   the Immovable Property (Judicial Sales) Act.


(C)      Other Costs at or after Sale.


17.     Attendance at the bidding by the

attorney of party levied on                                 R.100


18.     Attendance to bid if an attorney

be so employed and does not

become purchaser                                             R.100


19.     Attendance to bid if an attorney be

so employed and becomes purchaser                  R.115


20.     Attendance to declare name of

purchaser (déclaration de

command)                                                       R.30


21.     Attendance to open biddings

(Surenchère)                                                    R.115


22.     Notice with summons to the party

to whom the property was

adjudicated, to the party having

the carriage of the sale, and to

the party levied on, or their

respective attorneys                                          R.100


For each copy                                                  R.10


                        Attorney's Costs in Attribution of Price and Order


23.     Taking instructions                                           R.100


24.     Attendance with practice to

obtain order to summon parties                          R.25


25.     Attendance at Mortgage Office for

certificate of inscription                                     R.20


26.     Renewal of certificate when

required                                                           R.20


27.     Every act of production including

attendances                                                      R.100


28.     Notice to each creditor or his

attorney                                                           R.25


29.     Every copy, for every 30 lines or

part thereof                                                      R.10


30.     Attendance to oppose claim

produced R.150



31.     Notice to inscribed creditor

and the party levied on of claims

produced after the time prescribed

by law                                                             R.25


32.     attendance to strike off one or

more mortgages comprised in the

same judgment or order if an

attorney be employed                                        R.25


33.     Petition for substitution of

another person with the carriage

of the proceedings                                            R.25


34.     Petition for substitution of a

plaintiff or defendant                                         R.25


35.     Drawing extract of deed of sale

or donation to be notified to

registered mortgagees by the

purchaser or mortgagee                                     R.100


36.      For every mortgage extracted                                      R.15


37.      For perusal of any document                                       R.15


38.      For every necessary attendance                                   R.25


39.      Drawing notice for Government Gazette                       R.25


40.      Drawing notice for local newspaper                             R.25



41.      Drawing notice for placards                                        R.25


Costs in Distribution by Way of Contribution


42.      Attendance with praecipe to obtain order                      R.25


43.      Every act of production (including attendance)              R.100


44.      Drawing notices with summons to

opposite party                                                            R.25


45.      For each copy, for every 30 lines or

part thereof                                                               R.10


46.      Attendance to oppose scheme of

distribution (including petition)                                    R.150


47.      For every necessary attendance                                   R.25


48.      For perusal of any document                                       R.15


                                                  General Items


49.      Any necessary attendance not provided

for or allowed under any other item                             R.15


If long, per hour                                                        R.25


50.      Letter not included under any other

item                                                                          R.25


If long                                                                      R.50

If similar                                                                   R.10



In respect of any work for which a fee allowable on taxation as between party and party is prescribed in Part I of the Schedule (including counsel's fees) the Taxing Master shall on taxation allow the same fee on a taxation as between attorney and client, provided that the Taxing Master may in his discretion in a taxation as between attorney and client allow costs ‑


(a)     in relation to items not mentioned in Part I, or


(b)     of an amount higher than that prescribed in Part I.


In respect of any work, contentious or non‑contentious, for which fees allowable on taxation or otherwise are not prescribed in this Schedule or otherwise by law, the Taxing Master shall on taxation have regard to any fee allowable on taxation in this Schedule or otherwise by law in so far as he is satisfied that the work and responsibility involved can be reasonably compared with the work and responsibility involved in the work for which any such fee is claimed.


In respect of any other work, contentious or non‑contentious, of any kind performed by an attorney for his client (such as acting as mandator and negotia) for which fees allowable on taxation or otherwise are not prescribed in this Schedule or otherwise by law, the Taxing Master shall allow such sum as amy be fair and reasonable having regard to all the circumstances of the case, the fees prescribed elsewhere in this Schedule for work of a general nature and the other provisions of this Schedule.


                                              PART III ‑ GENERAL




In addition to fees for work done by an attorney, the bill of costs may include costs payable in discharge of a liability properly incurred by the attorney on behalf of the party to be charged with the bill, including counsel's fees where the attorney has not himself performed work usually performed by counsel:


(i)      unless before taxation its amount has been agreed by the attorney instructing counsel; and


(ii)     before the Taxing Master issues his certificate a receipt for the fee signed by counsel is produced to him.


When, under this Schedule or otherwise, any fee is fixed according to the amount claimed or in issue and the party supporting that claim or issue has succeeded thereon, the fee allowed to that party shall be fixed in accordance with the amount awarded or assessed by the Court or Judge in respect of that claim or issue.


When in any proceedings in the Supreme Court the subject matter of the claim or the amount recovered is within the jurisdiction of the Magistrates' Court, the fees allowed as between party and party shall not exceed the total amount that would have been allowed between party and party had proceedings been brought in the Magistrates' Court , except in accordance with the order or certificate of the Court or a Judge.


                                           Taxing Master's Discretion


In exercising any discretion under this Schedule or otherwise vested in him, the Taxing Master shall have regard to all relevant circumstances, and in particular to ‑


(a)     the complexity of the item or of the cause or matter in which it arises and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved;


(b)     the skill, specialized knowledge and responsibility of, and the time and labour expended by, the attorney or counsel;


(c)     the number and importance of the documents (however brief) prepared or perused;


(d)     the place and circumstances in which the business involved is transacted;


(e)     the importance of the cause or matter to the client;


(f)     where money or property  is involved, its amount or value;


(g)     any other fees and allowances payable to the attorney or counsel in respect of other items in the same cause or matter, but only where work done in relation to those items has reduced the work which would otherwise have been necessary in relation to the item in question.


                                             Matters not provided for


Upon any taxation where any question arises as to any matter for which provisions is not made in this Act or Schedule or otherwise by law, or as to the proper application of any such provision as is so made, the principles to be applied in England for the time being in deciding similar questions, shall, subject to the provisions of this Act and Schedule and of any other law for the time being applicable, be applied in deciding such questions.


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