Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Provincial Councils Act (No. 42 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Name and membership of Provincial Council   
   3.	   Qualification for membership of Provincial Council  
   4.	   Oath or affirmation by members  
   5.	   Vacation of seats  
   6.	   Penalty for sitting and, voting before making oath or when disqualified  
   7.	   Chairman and Deputy Chairman  
   8.	   Chairman or Deputy Chairman not to preside while resolution for his removal under discussion  
   9.	   Powers and privileges of Members of Provincial Councils  
   10.	   Voting in Council  
   11.	   Rules of procedure  
   12.	   Court not to inquire into proceedings of Provincial Council  
   13.	   Exemption of State property from taxation  
   14.	   Lapsing of statutes  
   15.	   Conduct of business  
   16.	   Contracts and suits  
   17.	   Secretariat  
   18.	   Restriction on discussion in Provincial Council  
   19.	   Provincial Fund of Province  
   20.	   Emergency Fund of the Province  
   21.	   Government guarantee for loans  
   22.	   Foreign aid for provincial projects  
   23.	   Audit  
   24.	   Special procedure as to statutes relating to financial matters  
   25.	   Annual financial statement  
   26.	   Procedure in Provincial Council with respect to estimates  
   27.	   Appropriation statute  
   28.	   Supplementary grants  
   29.	   Votes on account  
   30.	   Authorization of expenditure bending sanction by the Provincial council  
   31.	   Chief Secretary  
   32.	   Provincial public service  
   33.	   Public Provincial Public Service Commission  
   34.	   Interference with Provincial Public Service Commission   
   35.	   Oath or affirmation  
   36.	   Power or President to remove difficulties  
   37.	   Interim provision  

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