Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Compulsory Savings Act (No. 6 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of Compulsory Savings Fund and its administration  
   3.	   Contributions to the Fund  
   4.	   Certain incomes to be excluded from the contribution payable under the Act  
   5.	   Determination of total income for the purposes of this Act  
   6.	   Aggregation of incomes of members of a family  
   7.	   Payment of contributions in respect of income from employment  
   8.	   Registration of employers  
   9.	   Provisions applicable where, employer fails to pay on due date the instalment of the contribution of an employee  
   10.	   Payment of contributions in respect of income from sources other than employment  
   11.	   Recovery of contributions of a person from moneys due to him  
   12.	   Penalty  
   13.	   Power of Assessor to make assessments  
   14.	   Additional assessments  
   15.	   Power of Commissioner to vary the amount of the contribution  
   16.	   Appeals  
   17.	   Recovery of contributions  
   18.	   Payments into the Fund  
   19.	   Issue of certificates  
   20.	   Interest  
   21.	   Returns  
   22.	   Repayment of contribution  
   23.	   Refunds  
   24.	   Power of Commissioner to call for information  
   25.	   Offences  
   26.	   Liability of manager agent &c., of employer for offences  
   27.	   Service of notices  
   28.	   Forms  
   29.	   Interpretation  

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