Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act (No. 25 of 1991)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and dates of operation  
   2.	   Appointment of Director-General of Telecommunications  
   3.	   Appointment officers and servants  
   4.	   General objects to be achieved by the Authority  
   5.	   Powers, and duties of the Authority  
   6.	   Authority to conduct examinations to maintain technical standards  
   7.	   Power of Authority to require information and to inspect  
   8.	   Annual reports and audited statement of accounts of operator  
   9.	   Authority to inquire into complaints  
   10.	   Authority sole authority to manage radio frequency spectrum  
   11.	   Enforcement of licence conditions  
   12.	   Public hearing and procedure  
   13.	   Power to summon persons to give evidence  
   14.	   Finality of orders made under sections 11 and 12 to be subject to appeal on a question of law  
   15.	   Evidence of documents  
   16.	   Contravention of an order, award or direction made under section 11 or 12  
   17.	   No person to operate telecommunication system without a licence  
   18.	   Modification of licence granted under section 17  
   19.	   Offence to operate telecommunication system without licence  
   20.	   Exemption from licensing &c  
   21.	   Control and regulation of the manufacture, import &c. of telecommunications apparatus  
   22.	   Licence for use of any radio frequency  
   23.	   Vesting of property of Telecommunications Department in the Corporation named Sri Lanka Telecom  
   24.	   Transfer and vesting of contracts, rights &c  
   25.	   Transfer to give absolute title to the Corporation of immovable property  
   26.	   Third party rights not to be prejudiced  
   27.	   Authority to exercise-discharge and perform all the regulatory powers, functions and duties hitherto exercised, discharged, and performed by the Director of Telecommunications  
   28.	   Notice required to be given by public officers of the Department of Telecommunications before the transfer date  
   29.	   Effect of not giving notice under section 28 (a) or giving notice under section 28 (a) (i)  
   30.	   Effect of notice given under subparagraphs (ii) to (v) of paragraph (a) of section 28  
   31.	   Special provisions applicable to certain employees of the Corporation  
   32.	   Special provisions applicable to certain persons who continue as public officers in the Department of Telecommunications on and alter the transfer date while performing the work for and on behalf of the Corporation in their capacity as such officers  
   33.	   Power of the operator to place and maintain telecommunication lines and posts  
   34.	   Authority to procure written consent for use of immovable property for the operator  
   35.	   Power of local authority or public corporation to give permission under paragraph (iv) of the proviso to section 33 subject to conditions  
   36.	   Power of local authority or public corporation to require removal or alteration of telecommunication line or post  
   37.	   Power to alter position of gas or water pipes or drains  
   38.	   Disputes between operator and local authority or public corporation  
   39.	   Resistance, &c. to exercise of lawful powers of the operator  
   40.	   Right to request removal or alteration of telecommunication line or post  
   41.	   Planting at trees or shrubs likely to injure telecommunication line  
   42.	   Provisions of this Act extended to telecommunication lines and posts placed before coming into operation of this Act  
   43.	   Trail of offences  
   44.	   Offences under section 19 and section 22  
   45.	   Penalty for transmitting or receiving messages &c  
   46.	   Fraudulent use of telecommunication service  
   47.	   Penalty for intentionally damaging or tampering with telecommunication installation  
   48.	   - Penalty for tendering false or fabricated message to any telecommunication officer &c  
   49.	   Offences by telecommunication officer &c  
   50.	   Penalty for intruding into a telecommunication office or premises or obstructing telecommunication officer  
   51.	   Penalty for intrusion &c. with intent to learn contents of message  
   52.	   Penalty for intrusion into the contents of a message &c  
   53.	   Wilful interception of telecommunication transmission  
   54.	   Interception and disclosure of contents of message by telecommunication officer  
   55.	   Penalty for attaching anything to telecommunication line, &c  
   56.	   Transmission of unpaid message prohibited  
   57.	   Penalty for misconduct of a telecommunication officer  
   58.	   Penalty for tendering obscene or indecent or sedition message  
   59.	   Penalty for causing annoyance by telephone calls  
   60.	   Penalty for retaining message delivered by mistake  
   61.	   Offence relating to telecommunication wire  
   62.	   Penalty for attempting to commit offences  
   63.	   General penalties  
   64.	   Offences committed by body of persons  
   65.	   Magistrate to grant search warrant in certain cases &c  
   66.	   Power of Minister to give general or special directions  
   67.	   General directions by the Minister  
   68.	   Power of Authority to make rules  
   69.	   Power of Government to prohibit or restrict the use of telecommunication  
   70.	   Section - 70  
   71.	   Section - 71  
   72.	   Repeal of Chapter 192 and savings  
   73.	   Interpretation  
   74.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency. .,  

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