Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Mobilization And Supplementary Forces Act (No. 40 of 1985)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Appointment of Competent Authority  
   3.	   Assignment of powers, duties and functions to the Authority  
   4.	   Enlistment in National Armed Reserve  
   5.	   Voluntary enlistment in the National Armed Reserve  
   6.	   Offences  
   7.	   Regulation  
   8.	   Power to made Order  
   9.	   Establishment of Reserve Affairs Council  
   10.	   Power of the President  
   11.	   Powers duties and functions of the Council  
   12.	   Duties of the Authority under this Part  
   13.	   National Armed Reserve  
   14.	   Appointment and promotion & c. of members of the Reserve  
   15.	   The Reserve to be a National Military Training Establishment  
   16.	   Transfer of members of the Reserve  
   17.	   Conditions of training & c., to be specified by the Council  
   18.	   Power of the President to assign units etc. of the Reserve, to the armed forces and the police force  
   19.	   Provided that such unit shall whenever practicable led by a member of the Reserve  
   20.	   Mobilization of the Reserve  
   21.	   Period of service of members of the Reserving  
   22.	   Right to return to previous employment at end of period of service  
   23.	   Employer has no right to dismiss up called up for active service  
   24.	   Secondment of members of armed forces or the police force for service the Reserve  
   25.	   Full time service  
   26.	   Terms and conditions application to members of the Reserve  
   27.	   Pay  &c., to members of the Reserve to be determined  
   28.	   All property of Reserve to vest in the Director-General  
   29.	   Failure to report for service an offence  
   30.	   Certificate of Authority to be prima facie evidence  
   31.	   Non applicability of certain acts to members of the Reserve  
   32.	   Modified effect of section 46 of the Firearms Ordinance  
   33.	   Modified effect of section 3 (1) of the Firing Ranges and Military Training Act  
   34.	   Regulations  
   35.	   Issue of arms & c  
   36.	   National Cadet Corps  
   37.	   President to determine units and strength of Crops  
   38.	   Director of the Corps  
   39.	   President to appoint officers  
   40.	   Standard of training to be specified by the Council  
   41.	   Secondment of officers & c. for service in the Corps  
   42.	   Cadets to be discharged on expiration of period of enrolment  
   43.	   Discipline of cadets of the Corps  
   44.	   Corps not to be called on active service,  
   45.	   Certain cadets deemed to be cadets of the Crops  
   46.	   Minister to determine allowance of officers and cadets of the Corps  
   47.	   Property of the Crops to vest in the Director of the Corps  
   48.	   Certain Acts not to apply to officers and cadets of the Corps  
   49.	   Modification of Firearms Ordinance to include officers and cadets of the Crops  
   50.	   Application of Part IV  
   51.	   Regulations  
   52.	   Establishment of Supplementary Forces  
   53.	   Disbandment of Supplementary Forces  
   54.	   Appointment of Commandant of such Supplementary Force  
   55.	   Appointment of designated Commander  
   56.	   Council to specify conditions of efficiency & c. for Supplementary Forces  
   57.	   Manner of appointment & c. of members  
   58.	   Secondment of members of the armed forces or the police force into service of the Supplementary Forces  
   59.	   Units of each Supplementary Force  
   60.	   Applicability of Police and Military Laws to members of the Supplementary Forces  
   61.	   Pay & c., to be determined  
   62.	   Vesting of property of each Supplementary Force in the Commandant of such Supplementary Force  
   63.	   Non applicability of certain acts, to members of the Supplementary Force  
   64.	   Regulations  
   65.	   Regulations  

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